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  1. Grianadhmad

    2020 Traverse Schedule

    @Naomi check out the post here if you haven't seen it yet.
  2. Grianadhmad

    2020 Traverse City Event Costs & Season Passes

    With the season fast approaching, we wanted to give our players the opportunity to pre pay for your entire season! Those purchasing the Weekend+ and the Weekend packages will receive character boons or you can explore our in game economics package. If you plan to purchase any of these options...
  3. Grianadhmad

    2020 Traverse Schedule

    The absolute moment I have that information :)
  4. Grianadhmad

    2020 Traverse Schedule

    The Traverse City chapter staff is happy to announce our finalised* 2020 schedule! April 3-5 at Camp Hayo-Went-Ha May 1-3 at Camp Arbutus June 12-14 on State Land July 31-August 2 on State Land September 4-6 at Camp Arbutus October 2-4 on State Land *barring wackadoo circumstances, of course...
  5. Grianadhmad

    Favorites October 11th-13th

    The thing I noticed most about this event was the abundance of amazing roleplay deliveries. The prime examples I can think of: The last three elementals, obviously. Heard someone say "glowing eyes" and Ilarion's first thought was "biata?!?" and then something worse took form from the shadows...
  6. Grianadhmad

    Goals for the Gathering

    I have additional collaboration with the young page beyond the meeting you're referring to ⸴ but i see no reason we couldn't accomplish it while still investigating your wisp issue · ~ i.d.r.e
  7. Grianadhmad

    Goals for the Gathering

    I am willing to help both with the wisps and the oni · Although i have business to conduct with jake the page for an early portion of the upcoming market ⸴ i offer whatever assistance i can either after its conclusion or as long as it does not bring danger to our young friend · ~ i.d.r.e
  8. Grianadhmad

    September 27-29th Pre=Reg Open

    Aaron, Did you get the assistance you needed to access the pre-registration? I see that Bev put your name up in the initial post so I'm hoping yes, but if not then reach out to me and I will assist you. - Taed
  9. Grianadhmad

    Springdale History & Advisers

    Tolib ⸴ I am honoured that you think so highly of my experience but i fear i can offer no knowledge of the waymaker stones or network · Banradi is ፡the፡ expert and would be your resource ⸴ if you were able to catch him between his duties and keep his attention · I first encountered springdale...
  10. Grianadhmad

    Reward for Recovering Dagger

    Thank you blue · My statement still stands ፥ if you get it for me ⸴ you will be rewarded · The offer applies to adventurers and kalinthian natives alike · ~ i.d.r.e
  11. Grianadhmad

    Reward for Recovering Dagger

    To anyone on the kalinthian isles that can safely assist ፤ I seek to recover a dagger of pewter obsidian alloy ⸴ engraved with kishaj in the shape of the apis constellation on both sides of its blade ⸴ which was lost approximately a month ago on the island of isla primos · It is not possessed...
  12. Grianadhmad

    Dragonfall Favorites

    Cyn's repping of "I absorbed too much magic", and her obvious frustration with most everyone's reactions. "YES I KNOW I'M GLOWING SHUT UP." Irani birthday party craziness and also Irani Dragonfall gifts craziness Mutt's intense appreciation of her squeaky toy The accidental opportunity to play...
  13. Grianadhmad

    Your Stories for a Song?

    To all my adventuring friends but especially those who lived the violent battles against bleak ⸴ As we all know dragonfall is approaching again ⸴ and with it opportunities for fellowship ⸴ creativity ⸴ competition ⸴ and performance ⸴ in order to honour the kingdom ⸴ the adventuring community ⸴...
  14. Grianadhmad

    Highlights from August 9 - 11

    It felt so good to be back with the SoMi family last weekend! even though I ended up having to cut my stay in Kalinthas short. (Note to self - strictly stick to taking a break from noon to 2pm in the future.) I'm already looking forward to the next two events and seeing you all again soon...
  15. Grianadhmad

    Future of the Chapter

    I had also previously informed the existing senior staff that I would pick up the duties of general manager if the other two positions were filled.
  16. Grianadhmad

    June 21-23 Feedback

    Thank you once again to everyone, veteran and new alike, who came out to the Traverse City June event! Please take a few minutes to provide us with feedback. We would like to hear some of your favourite moments and things you went very well, but also let us know if there were things you don't...
  17. Grianadhmad

    Our Upcoming Market Day

    Because that happened once. ~ i.d.r.e. :P P.s. i regret i also will be unable to assist in this venture, as i certainly owe the myconids a comeuppance. All my most fervent wishes for your great success in dealing with them, lord lukas.
  18. Grianadhmad

    Farmers seeking aid

    Hullo adventurers, My sister and I have met some of you in market days past. We have been offered tillable land in New Eloria and/or in Roefield, on which to move our farming operations. With us is coming a load of our mother's enchanted soil. Or would be, except every time we've tried to leave...
  19. Grianadhmad

    Earth Guild this Gather

    Aunt cyn ⸴ I will not be taking a guard shift at the healing house this upcoming market day weekend or for several weekends thereafter ⸴ as i have appointments in onothera and throughout northborough in county dwarfholme · If our schedules allow us to cross paths in the middle of the week i am...
  20. Grianadhmad

    Now Open for Trade with Adventurers

    Eragon @Aidon byers - Sorry to have missed you at this last gathering. However I still have your merchandise, and your bill has been paid by your companion MMMM, so hopefully our paths will cross next Market Day and I can deliver your alchemical lights to you at that time. - Master Jorkahaath