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    Resolved Magic Spellbook Tags

    Spellbooks are contained within physreps as described in the ARB and PG. They can contain multiple spellbook tags. Once a Physrep has a non-times ever Ritual cast on it, it becomes indestructible and unchangeable. Spellbook physreps can have multiple spellbook tags (including mundane writing)...
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    2.0 Conversion Deadline Approaching

    Also : Remind your friends who haven't played in a while! If they think they might return at some point, get them to convert their tags now while they still can!
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    2.0 Conversion Deadline Approaching

    Good afternoon folks! 2.0 has been in play for a while now and most players have converted most of their stuff. However, the final deadline for conversion is this upcoming June (June 2020); any 1.3 Ritual Scrolls, Magic Items, or Production tags which changed will no longer be eligible for...
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    Resolved Turn Undead

    This is resolved in the final ARB 2.0 (it's a 1st level spell). -Bryan Gregory ARC
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    Alliance Rulebook: 2.0

    I'm pleased to announce the final 2.0 ARB is now available: Any further ARB 2.0 rules updates will be made as official errata on the ARC forums. I'm told that this version will be going to print for a paperback ARB shortly. If you have ARB 2.0...
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    Nov Auction Lot #1 (of 18): (General) Heroic Interception

    An It must be able to Intercept using their own skills to make use of these magics.
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    Resolved Do players take damage from too-hard hits?

    The reason it's not defined as a hard and fast item in the ARB is because it really does depend on the specific situation, chapter, and environment. If someone hits you too hard, it is always OK to call a Hold to let them know (as you note in your item A). Beyond that, how specifically to...
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    Nov Auction Lot #1 (of 18): (General) Heroic Interception

    The Red Thorns bid four Cows for these magics!
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    Nov Auction Lot #9 (of 18): (General) Mystic Smith

    The Red Thorn tribe bids 6 Cows.
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    Nov Auction Lot #5 (of 18): (General) Arcane Armor

    The Red Thorns will bid three Dwellings for this paper!
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    Nov Auction Lot #13 (of 18): (General) Spell Swap

    The Red Thorns bid eight Cows!
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    Nov Auction Lot #2 (of 18): (General) Preserve Duration

    The Red Thorns bid 3 Dwellings and six Cows.
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    True Empowerment Local Chapter Policy

    FWIW, personally I agree entirely with Ben's interpretations.
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    Resolved 9th level Evocation scrolls/Cure/Cause Potions

    The 2.0 rulebook correctly states that these items are 5 pp per level at any level. They can be created up to 9th level versions. -Bryan Gregory ARC
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    Spooookkky Death breakup infograph

    All good points, thanks! This might be interesting to revisit in a year after 2.0 has been out longer, and looking at 2.0-only deaths to see how it lines up.
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    Spooookkky Death breakup infograph

    It seem unsurprising that the two least death counts by class are the two most "defense" focused classes - Rogue and Adept. Scout, however, would logically be in that same group - and yet it's the class with the most deaths. Curious!
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    Repel, Focus ability or not?

    Keep in mind that, as noted under Focus, specific abilities may have their own overriding text. In this case, Repel explicitly states that the other hand can be used for in-game skills; this would include blocking, attacking, or casting a spell (all from that other hand), for example. Repel's...
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    Workshop of Convience

    Please note that a recent errata (I was supposed to release this earlier and missed it for a while :( ) affects this case: A Workshop counts as a "Location", not an "Item", and thus does not get...
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    Resolved Errata: Permanent Duration and Spirit Lock on non-Item targets

    Good morning! The third paragraph of Permanent Duration currently states: This implies that if, for example, you cast a Permanent Duration upon your spirit, you would then get a free Spirit Lock to the next thing you touch. That is distinctly not the intention. To correct this, the first...
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    Resolved Ritual of WOE and Vampire Charm removal

    As approved by the Owners, this ritual has been officially errata'd as follows: In the ritual text under the list of "Benefits conveyed...", change "Immunity to Vampire Charm" to "Resist against Charm and/or Necromancy". Change the levels to: Level 1: Immune to Fear, Temporary Stake of Woe...