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  1. prashka

    Downtime Reminder

    Reminder that downtimes are due on THIS SUNDAY at 11:59 PM! We will NOT be accepting late downtimes, as we simply don't have time. Likewise, if not everyone says "I'm in!" by that deadline, they won't be included in the downtime response. And we probably won't be checking before the deadline...
  2. prashka

    Feedback Form - November Game

    Hey all! The feedback form is up! Please let us know how things went and get 60!!! gobbies if you do it by the 17th! We really appreciate feedback as it helps us understand what to do more of, what to do less of, and what was really freaking cool. ;) Even if you told us at closing what your...
  3. prashka

    Body Tags for Planar Asylum

    Hey all! If you received a planar asylum that was true empowered at this game, your true empowerment flaws are as follows: 10 logistics periods: planar asylum to the planes of stone, flame and ice 20 logistics periods: planar asylum to the plane of stone If you need your restricted tag for...
  4. prashka

    Aer'Astria Announcements

    Hey all! As some of you no doubt know, we'll be returning to Foxbridge in November. As a heads up, if your spirit tag doesn't say you're invested in a permanent or limited circle, you aren't invested in that circle. We'll be pretty stickler-y about this for this season, so be sure your spirit...
  5. prashka

    Alliance Oregon Donation Drive

    Hello Alliance! As promised, Alliance Oregon is currently hosting its DONATION DRIVE!!! We’re trying to raise $2000 (or more!) for a new trailer to house Monster Camp! This would mean fewer storage payments for our organization, as well as easier means of bringing Monster Camp to and from...
  6. prashka

    November Game Potluck

    Hey all! Your illustrious plot team would like to kick off the start of the next season with a celebratory potluck! This potluck is NOT A MEAL REPLACEMENT, since game starts later than most people want to eat dinner. Instead, it's a snacks and desserts potluck! Yum! We have a sign-up sheet...
  7. prashka

    BroS Catalyst Issue

    Hey all! Apparently there was an issue with a catalyst that was issued last BroS game. If you have a "Perfect Quartz Prism" that you picked up last game, that tag needs to be reissued correctly. Please bring the rep and tag with you to logistics to get the new tag. You need this new tag if you...
  8. prashka

    Downtime Reminder

    Hey all! Remember that downtimes are due at 11:59 on September 15th! LATE DOWNTIMES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Likewise, if you are part of a group downtime and do not respond with "I'm in!" or something similar by that point, you will be excluded from that downtime. Please feel free to reference...
  9. prashka

    Announcements for the Labour Day Game

    Hey all! Some important announcements about the Labour Day Game! 1) We are going to have a HARD LAY ON on Friday night. Plan to start around 9:30 or 10:00ish. There will be a *little* wiggle room for those arriving by 10:10, but after that, we're off! If you do arrive late, please get into garb...
  10. prashka

    Logistics Change

    Hey all! As a heads up, I will be stepping down as head of logistics effective immediately. Corin has been doing an INCREDIBLE job and deserves the title to match their work. They have been a saving grace for me as plot stuff has been ramping up, and I know things will be in good hands. I'll be...
  11. prashka

    Downtimes and You

    Hey all! We've had some concerns and issues around downtimes recently, so we decided to write up a pretty comprehensive post about downtimes for your perusing pleasure. Please feel free to read and ask questions. We'll try and answer them quickly. And keep this in mind for the upcoming downtime...
  12. prashka

    July Game and Armour

    Hey all! Looking at the next game, it looks like it's going to be nearly 90 degrees on Saturday. Yikes! Bring lots of water, and be prepared for the heat! As a result, we're going to call a no-armour day for Saturday, so long as the weather forecast holds. If the forecast changes dramatically...
  13. prashka

    2.0 Conversion Information

    Hey all! 2.0 is coming soon and it’s time to start getting ready! You will need to convert all of your production that has been updated, as well as all ritual scrolls (even ones that didn’t change) and all magic items (even ones from the 2.0 playtests). Components will remain as they are and do...
  14. prashka

    This Week in Aer'Astria

    ((OOG: To get the hype going, we’ve got some little notes about things that have been taking place in Skerra’s Bastion the last few weeks. Feel free to engage with these as you like, but they are official and IG. We’ll be dropping more of them as we approach the game and probably for games to...
  15. prashka

    Downtimes for Aer'Astria April Game

    Downtimes for the Aer'Astria April event are due on SUNDAY 2/10 at 23:59 PM. ALL RESPONSES OF PEOPLE WHO ARE GOING ARE DUE AT THIS TIME AS WELL. If you do not respond with an "I'm in" or something similar, you will not be counted among those going on said downtime. Questions? Reach out to plot!
  16. prashka

    Opening for January Game

    Hey all! For our upcoming game, we're going to have opening start at 8:30!! Opening will be done at 9, so we can get things rolling. We have a lot to do this weekend, so we're looking to get things going pretty early. Logistics will be opening whenever I get to site and get setup, probably...
  17. prashka

    Oregon Season Pass 2019

    Oregon is hosting a Season Pass again this year! Check out the details: Sweet!
  18. prashka

    Oregon Season Pass 2019

    The Oregon Chapter is offering a SEASON PASS again this year! Huzzah! What is a season pass? -A season pass grants you blankets (XP) for all of the games the Oregon chapter hosts this year, provided you don't attend a game that weekend already. If you do attend a game that weekend, whether in...
  19. prashka

    2.0 Playtest - November PreReg

    Pre-reg is now OPEN!! (If you have missed the pre-reg deadline please still send in a pre-reg if you are planning on coming to the event, while you may not get the discount you can help make Friday night check-in faster and easier for all of us.) Please be aware that it has been okayed to offer...
  20. prashka

    Donation Drive!!!

    Alliance Oregon is having another DONATION DRIVE! Yay! What is a donation drive? Well, it's a time to give things to plot and deco for MORE GOBBIES THAN USUAL! Our current gobbie rate is 10 GOBBIES PER DOLLAR!! You can donate straight cash, or items that are desperately needed by plot and deco...