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  1. B.Barber

    Centralized Local Race Packets

    Fully support this idea. Racial "secrets" are kindof a joke- what is REALLY secret after someones played for a milions years?...but really anything legit "secret" could simply be parcelled in other documents while actual racial content that is relevant to a world setting should be readily...
  2. B.Barber

    Snakekin! Care to offer some tips/pics?

    -up to the player -up to the player -and either way Essentially since there is so little flavor text on them, biology is a giant grey area with wylderkin and you can do a lot off the cuff. I did not play it, but I helped design a local snake kin. You have so many options, just play around with...
  3. B.Barber

    Tournament things

    Essentially- to me, to the folks im taling to, normal is Being in New Acarthia, handleing issues then and there, in a context that is generally steady in terms of setting, where people can persue a variety of different agendas or pastimes (and that is things like modding, meetings, court, and...
  4. B.Barber

    Tournament things

    - I should clarify, I do NOT expect a change of gameplan at this point by any means, I just object to what IS being done and am hopeing things will be different in the future. It wouldnt even be so bad if we had more normal games this year under our belt.
  5. B.Barber

    Tournament things

    The option to not engage in an all-encompassing time travel plot and be able to expect a good time is pretty much it. I feel like a lot of us are used as window-dressing or props (or canon fodder) in the persuit of plots that dont matter to a lotof us. Im not saying give everyone personal plot...
  6. B.Barber

    Tournament things

    Im still waiting for a response on this- WHats the motivation for going for people who arent interested in the tournement, the nobility, or, now, apparently this time travel plot? because right now I feel like a table-top piece thats being picked up and moved around at someone else's...
  7. B.Barber

    Huge High Ogre tusks

    I'll be producing masks that meet the desired specs in the near future. Nothin in the mouth, just illusion. Will post when the experiments are done. They will be neoprene, so latex-free to avoid allergy issues and have better longevity.
  8. B.Barber

    Tournament things

    NM, missed a post
  9. B.Barber

    To all who attended the Ducal gathering in August

    We havent actually! go team! high-fives and ***-pats for everyone. -Vira
  10. B.Barber

    To all who attended the Ducal gathering in August

    Your house and your boys robbed a grave and brought out that mummy and his posse that was "rod-hungry" that the rest of us also had to fight. Thats probably good that you're shareing. -Vira
  11. B.Barber

    Orc Costuming

    As long as your method achieves the basics requisites of the book and looks good, you can do whatever you want : )
  12. B.Barber

    Show-Up & Exit Times, Finding a Party, And Weapon Checks

    Jim's got it- but adding onto the be-social thing, yah, to find a group pretty much talk to lots of people and really feel around for what will be a good fit. Dont feel rushed, and give it a couple games before you really commit so you have a real good idea of the people, social dynamics, and...
  13. B.Barber

    Tournament things

    Whats the motivation to go for characters that dont follow the nobility or tournement around? Any kind of teaser towards that?
  14. B.Barber

    Starting a chapter in my area

    You will need startup capital, a reliable group of people to help you and are willing to commit to the project (and be able to communicate very very well to organize those people and make them able to help you) ,the ability to advertise, a lot of free time to devote to the process and a gamesite...
  15. B.Barber

    Nomad Curse: Highly OP; here's a case for improving on it

    No. I think there should be LOTs of change to bring it into line with how the rest of the system works or that it should be ditched entirely as a mechanic and left entirely to negotiable roleplay to let it be what it is in a more story-positive format (NONE of wich matters because a new system...
  16. B.Barber

    Nomad Curse: Highly OP; here's a case for improving on it

    The assertation that the thing is overpowered is contradicted by giving it harder parameters that actually give it greater mechanical legitimacy rather than stem it and it dosnt make it any harder to cast. Its also contradicted by this from the book: "This curse is intended to entertain...
  17. B.Barber

    Bidding now open for final page in Men's calendar for next year!

    *same female voice* And Auction closed!- as of a few days ago, been busy. We have our auction winner! please hit me up privately when you have a moment do discuss details. Thankyou all!
  18. B.Barber

    Bidding now open for final page in Men's calendar for next year!

    *Female voice rings out- its recognizably Vira...* Thats right! I have one final page available, one opportunity for another individual to be the glory of Fortannis's finest guy offerings for an entire year! With notebook pages!...yanno... if you write... I needed filler ok? This is an auction...
  19. B.Barber

    Goodeveniiiiiing ENNERET and MAELSTROM!

    *sounds like Vira* *Is probably Vira* "This is your freindly foreign smut peddler here putting-in formal request to those that placed orders with me to send me their visual-refference materials as soon as possible! Privately! Thankyuuuuuu"
  20. B.Barber

    Concerns about the new Selunari

    This stuff, great stuff, dries flexible, hypoallergenic---->®-Original-Adhesive-oz-Tronics/dp/B01DPWM4EE?ie=UTF8&*Version*=1&*entries*=0 More varieties: