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  1. kalindra

    The search begins

    Squire Zihr, If you believe the werewolves to be involved, there may be others gone missing along with them. Robert, the farmer who was bitten and who claimed his brother had been taken, contracted two mercenaries to guard him during Saturday's full moon in case he turned. However, when I...
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    Where we've left it ...

    To forestall confusion and paranoia that may result from rumors of recent events, let the legal record be as follows. Necromancy is permitted in Ravensong by sanctioned necromancers provided that its use does not stray out of the control exerted by the necromancer's anchor. These laws...
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    August event favorites

    Hi all, Thanks to plot, NPCs, and PCs for a great weekend! It was a hot one, but it was awesome hanging with old friends and meeting some new ones too. Special thanks to Amy and her kitchen staff who keep us fed! In no particular order: --Sarvie's very excellent plan to crash a whale into the...
  4. kalindra

    November Favorites!

    What an intense event! It was great seeing everything the plot team had planned, and how strongly PCs reacted to it. --Bringing out 6 of my old NPCs, 4 of which I was expecting... And that's not including Amy Hale, who would have been there to see the King's death if we had been at site 15...
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    Allies in the Final Confrontation - Assulting the Locations

    They are just normal guards, inexperienced but well equipped. Since he has only been a Duke for about a year, His Grace does not have an extensively trained army but has sent what he can spare. (Don't worry, I made sure to inform them in advance that the wolves and the Vrizzit are allies in...
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    Allies in the Final Confrontation - Assulting the Locations

    I suspect Ignaeous may be speaking of the same 8 Houses that Jamina told us Tazoulti had contacted. Fiona
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    Allies in the Final Confrontation - Assulting the Locations

    Correct me if I'm wrong but the wolves heading to the Summoned Force node were Benjamin's trained wolves, not kin. (Yes?) If they are able warriors, you and the Wolfkin tribe could be well used against the King Talon node of curses. Sir Victor or Lord Asher, do you concur? Squire Fiona
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    Allies in the Final Confrontation - Assulting the Locations

    His Grace, Duke Carnifax, has offered a force 3 dozen strong. I can ask them to join against the Summoned Force node, as that has the fewest groups assigned thus far. How many Shatters can a Vrizzit's carapace withstand? Surely it can't be less than a normal soldier's armor, and their offensive...
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    Castle Event IBGAS Round two now open.

    Per the other thread, these are due Sept 5th, correct?
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    Allies in the Final Confrontation - Assulting the Locations

    #7 Kunari had the flavor of Eldritch magic. --Squire Fiona
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    August Guest Plot Favorites

    I hope everyone had as much fun this last weekend as plot had running it! Thanks to everyone who NPC'ed. Your enthusiasm was off the charts, and I hope we see you next time at the castle (either fighting beside us or against us this time). --First, seeing how quickly and how thoroughly the PCs...
  12. kalindra

    August Guest Plot Event Info

    Only a few hours left if you want to investigate anything for this weekend. Thanks!
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    Your mission in Pratorak

    Sir v. Gryphon, We’re glad to hear that your troops are prepared for this mission. We’ll happily provide the requested information insofar as the answers you want are publicly available. 1--The backlash was around 70 years back. The circles came back a few years later, so there isn’t now a...
  14. kalindra

    Your mission in Pratorak

    All right, listen up because I don’t want to say this twice. As we discussed with your water Prince, you all have a job to do up by Fort Gragg investigating a crystal of Quelie origin. The Sortiens will bring your people over and make sure you’re supplied with everything you need. You’ll...
  15. kalindra

    10 Location Speculation & Assignment

    Were we hunting for dagger shards when that happened? --Fiona
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    July Guest Plot Event Favorites

    I don't know how I forgot to mention this one... Ryan: "It's Nathaniel Ironclub." Me: "...The Fatty Liars Club?" Ryan: "...No?" Me: "What?" I'm great at listening, you guys...
  17. kalindra

    July Guest Plot Event Favorites

    Wow, what a great event! Thanks to Ryan, Emma, Sid, Adam and Teague for working so hard to make it happen. There was a lot of fun story to discover, good combat and mod mechanics, and cool puzzles to solve. It was great seeing so many first event players jump right into the game. I hope you all...
  18. kalindra

    Dangers of Tin Town

    The spiders' bite can afflict people with Curse effects. It's probable that there would be poisons involved but I'm not certain. A more humanoid-looking one was able to speak, and possibly has some sort of grudge against the residents of Tin Town. --Squire Fiona P.S. As a squire, I cannot...
  19. kalindra

    Dangers of Tin Town

    I met a man who spoke of being attacked by blue spiders with black legs, and possibly a drider, which seemed to be able to cause Curses with their poisonous claws. They didn't seem to attack with webs, though. I would like to check it out, but I understand if there are those that consider such...
  20. kalindra

    Silence and Prepare-To-Die Skills.

    The phrase "Prepare to die!" is an out-of-game call, so you may use PTD skills while Silenced. Under the Silence description, ARB page 123: "The player must still call out the damage points his or her weapons inflict if combat ensues while the spell is in effect, as well as any out-of-game...