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  1. brconvery

    October Closer 10/18-20/19 Feedback

    Please take a few moments to leave us and the next season's plot team some constructive comments regarding the October event. By letting us know what you liked, didn't like, feel went well or not so great, it helps the plot team (outgoing and in coming) write more enjoyable events. Please...
  2. brconvery

    2019 Donation Needs (Updated 4/3/19)
  3. brconvery

    October tavern conflict

    Hey all, I am supposed to run tavern for the October event however, my in-laws are having their 50th wedding anniversary party that Saturday night. I can still do breakfast, but would extremely appreciate it if someone would be able to take over lunch and dinner. If you'd prefer to just do all...
  4. brconvery

    A missive on the tavern board

    Message posted on the tavern board... "Adventurers, the pestilence in and around Nu'Adah City is getting worse. The elderly and very young are dying of illness that could normally be healed, crops are withering in the fields and our livestock is turning to skin and bones in the pastures. Food...
  5. brconvery

    May/June Tavern

    Sorry for not posting this earlier, but I wanted to get the event menu posted in case people did not like my choices. Gives you time to shop for your own food. Breakfast: Choose your own omelette adventure with many filling options Sausage Tater tots Biscuits Lunch: Grilled bratwurst Potato...
  6. brconvery

    May 10-12 Feedback

    Thank you all for coming out to the Traverse City May event! Please take a few minutes to provide us with feedback. Some of you have requested the opportunity to provide feedback regarding the camp facilities as well as regarding Emily our camp liaison. Any facilities feedback, please private...
  7. brconvery

    Lodging Reminder for May 10-12 event

    Remember that we are in rustic cabins this time. There is a bath house with running water, outdoor showers, and electricity if you have some really long extension cords. We still have the tavern area and the gender specific bathrooms. The rustic cabins have no electricity themselves so make sure...
  8. brconvery

    May 10th-12th Pre-Reg Open

    Dinner for the event will be chicken and dumplings with a blueberry crunch for dessert. There will be vegetable pot pie for Kierra our resident vegetarian. I believe Jared is planning tacos for lunch, but he will need to verify. I will provide a couple kinds of cereal, milk, instant oatmeal...
  9. brconvery

    April 12-14 Event Feedback

    Please take a few minutes to provide us with feedback regarding our April season opener event. We love to hear what you liked, but it is also important to hear what you felt didn't go so well. Please remember to be constructive with such comments; plot runners have feeling too ;).
  10. brconvery

    Change in sleeping arrangements April 12-14 event

    The rustic cabins are not available. I want to make it clear that this change is only for the April event. We will be using the rustic cabins in May.
  11. brconvery

    Change in sleeping arrangements April 12-14 event

    Due to various circumstances outside anyone’s control, we are changing the sleeping arrangements for the April 12-14th event. We will now be sleeping in the main lodge which is the same building as the “tavern” room. This means heated sleeping arrangements as well as electricity. There are 2...
  12. brconvery

    April 12th-14th Pre-Reg Open

    We will be having a "feast" for the faire for dinner Saturday night. Dinner will be choice of turkey or ham with roasted root vegetables. There will be mashed and cheesy potato options as well as crusty bread. For the vegetarians there will be stuffed portabella caps and root vegetables not...
  13. brconvery

    Traverse City Season Passes

    With the season fast approaching, we wanted to give our players the opportunity to pre pay for your entire season! Those purchasing the Weekend+ and the Weekend packages will be allowed to roll on our "lottery table" full of special LCO magic items and character boons or you can explore our in...
  14. brconvery

    Schedule Finalized

    I will edit and update later, but some important info... Refrigerator space available in the tavern We cannot use the stoves or ovens Cabins sleep 12 with bunk beds There is no heat or electricity in the cabins There is a bath house with running water, flush toilets, and electricity near the PC...
  15. brconvery

    Schedule Finalized

    We have finalized our 2019 schedule! April 12-14 at Camp Arbutus May 10-12 at Camp Arbutus June 21-23 State Land August 23-25 State Land September 27-29 at Camp Hayo-Went-Ha October 18-20 at Camp Hayo-Went-Ha Camp Arbutus 1380 East Arbutus Lake Rd Traverse City, MI 49696 State Land Cross...
  16. brconvery

    Coin Design Contest

    Leave your mark on Fortannis with new coinage! Alliance is looking for front and back designs for new coins to begin circulating in 2019. Design requirements – All designs must be submitted as digital files (Adobe Illustrator preferred), for coin sizes below: Copper: 25mm x 1.6mm 
  17. brconvery

    Play test feedback form

    If you haven't already submitted feedback on the Rules forum please use the link below to fill out the form. Thank you!
  18. brconvery

    2019 Partial Schedule

    Thanks to a generous offer by Christopher Green (IG: Phanuck) I was able to go ahead a reserve Camp Arbutus for May 10-12, 2019. Please mark your calendars for that weekend as an official Traverse City Event date. We will get our last couple of dates posted soon. The middle events (June-August)...
  19. brconvery

    2019 Partial Schedule

    We appreciate the support.
  20. brconvery

    2019 Partial Schedule

    We have a camp for 3 events next year so these dates are set in stone. We are trying to get Camp Arbutus for May 10-12. May 12th is Mother's Day, but many at the closer sounded willing to attend an event that weekend. We would need a minimum of 17 PCs pre-paid to hold the event at the camp to...