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  1. jpariury

    Concerns about the new Selunari

    I was thinking more about backing one of those faux gems with fluorescent tape, or spritzing it with clear fluorescence. It would glow whenever it was charged by actual lights, but still fade over time. But now I just want to cast light spells on it. See what you did?
  2. jpariury

    July event date change

    Mainly I want to get this down in a public area that the staff is more or less anticipated to see it, and to make sure it was openly described: I'm pretty disappointed in the manner in which the date change for the July event was communicated. I don't play many events a year (and I suspect my...
  3. jpariury

    Concerns about the new Selunari

    I think you all are missing the super important question here: are we allowed to make them glow or light up?
  4. jpariury

    Question on the Cloak Enchantment

    Broadly speaking, true, but a True Empowerment may result in more.
  5. jpariury

    Gypsy Curse

    I agree that this is the function of "roleplay effects". Not to put too fine of a point on it, but if roleplay effects are considered "weak", I would propose it's likely that the roleplay is weak, moreso than the effect. I think it's fair to suggest that delineating roleplay-only as "weak" is...
  6. jpariury

    Gypsy Curse

    I find it weird that "it's only a roleplay effect" is meant as a sign of its weakness in a roleplaying game.
  7. jpariury

    Modern Javelin Construction

    Heya. :) "PVC pipe foam" refers to 3/4" wall closed-cell pipe insulation foam. Water in a film canister is what I used, it worked fairly well. I secured the lid with cement glue, and left about 1/4" of "play" in the canister. I never encountered a canister bursting, so I couldn't really say...
  8. jpariury

    Breaking Down the Entry Barrier

    Back in pre-split days, one of the chapters I helped run plot with had a "New Player Committee" that would run an "Introduction to <Alliance>" module for all players who were attending their first event as a PC. It was in-world and consisted of a series of encounters that walk new players...
  9. jpariury

    LARP Question Tuesday: Character Quirks!

    I like to think of Rollo's primary quirks as being: 1 - he doesn't want to be at the center of things; he views his lot in life to be helpful to others so that they can be the Big Damn Heroes®. 2 - he tries to treat everyone with respect, even if he might otherwise think they don't deserve it...
  10. jpariury

    Advice for a Rookie

    "dream messages" is the in-game explanation for most internet chatter - PMs, in-game forums, etc. Evan's suggestion was to post something on the in-game board. Treating it like a "dream" helps explain why some people won't recognize you on first glance when you show up to an event, after...
  11. jpariury

    Sneakers, boots, cleats, or costume footwear?

    Depends on the character I play. I have a set of water-resistant cloth tabi, a pair of lace-up boots, and my go-to is hiking sandals of whatever variety (typically some Target or Walmart cheapies that I blow out in one event, then apply marine Goop to readhere the sole, which then last me...
  12. jpariury


    I'm usually called "JP", sometimes "West-Coast JP", and occasionally a variety of other names best not repeated in polite company. ;) I was an army brat and still am a frequent traveler, so the idea of being "from" anywhere is kinda alien to me. I originally started playing about 25 years ago...
  13. jpariury

    Limiting the purchase of skills

    A JoaT doesn't need to do it better than anyone. They just need to be able to do it without anyone, which is bad for the team-focused game the writers strive for in Alliance. At the upper levels, if you make it so that class is a meaningful distinction (via class-specific skills), then it...
  14. jpariury

    Limiting the purchase of skills

    Sure, magic items do it faster, but build will do it eventually anyways. I know of at least one "I can do it all" character in the PNW. Ideally, I'd like to see a system where base skills are achievable by any class, but "prestige skills" were bound by it. Like, maybe templars get to Spell...
  15. jpariury

    Another Cap proposal

    Not really. The instances where that wasn't the case, it was typically because Plot decided to create local conditions that required someone else be The One® - an artifact sword that locked to someone, a series of fortunes that dictated specially Chosen Ones™ be the ones to complete the...
  16. jpariury

    What makes combat encounters hard to scale? Who trains new characters?

    I would generally think that scaling for social cohesion is even harder than scaling for level disparity.
  17. jpariury

    Another Cap proposal

    Sure - which relegates everyone else to a support role, rather than having a chance to be The One®. Not at all. However, it does turn every battle into having the same solution - throw the big guys at it. If you're not one of the big guys, then you're a second-class citizen; your job is to be...
  18. jpariury

    Is it too hard to spirit forge and/or race change?

    Not a fan for the reasons I already noted: too fast, too much, too easy to unlearn your chosen class. If you lowered the numbers, you'd potentially run into the issue you cite (large build-buys can't be unlearned). Best balance for my concerns is simply 1 skill per eventday.
  19. jpariury

    What makes combat encounters hard to scale? Who trains new characters?

    Yes. If your big fighter is swinging an unlimited number of flamebolts, or your big rogue is swinging an unlimited number of lightning storms (sans magic items), and they're alongside 3rd - 10th level gals, there's bound to be issues in scaling. If your big scholar 81 lightning bolts in...
  20. jpariury

    Another Cap proposal

    The issue there is that if it's a thing that is worth fighting, you instead end up with high-level characters being the go-to answer for solving it, which distinctly lessens the challenge for the low-level characters. They might be bored because it was easy, but they're not likely bored because...