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  1. Roff

    New Year, New Season, New Start, Initial Fundraiser!

    Hello friends of Alliance LARP Minnesota! We at Alliance Minnesota are reaching out today seeking financial support for a series of important projects for our community. As many of you know, NPC camp is an essential part of the LARP experience, providing weapons, costuming, and props to our...
  2. Roff

    2023 Season

    We are actively working with our camps to come to a finalization on our schedule it is a harder process then I could of ever imagined but we are slowly locking in out sites and dates and I am confident we will get a good set of dates out shortly!
  3. Roff

    New player wanting to join

    Hey Raspy! We definitely are still active but we are just wrapping up our current season and will be heading into the off season for the winter, we are most active on discord but most official announcements will be cross posted to the forums. A fencing helmet would...
  4. Roff

    Healer's Guild

    Mutt, I on all occasions prep at least 8 lesser earth storms and would be happy to find ways to better utilize this healing, besides this I specialized in rituals both planning and casting and am happy to help in this regard whenever I am around. Sir Captain Roff of Picheston
  5. Roff

    Seeking preserve scrolls

    I am in the middle of working on a few projects for a few people and have come to find I own no preserve scrolls, because of this I am interested in buying a few preserve scrolls whose effects will travel from people if they have some for sale, please seek me out at market. Sir Captain Roff of...
  6. Roff

    Whispering Wind Scrolls

    Baroness Fallingstar, Seek me out in market I may have what you are looking for. Sir Captain Roff of Picheston
  7. Roff

    Town Box accounting per this last market.

    Dramathin, Adlao Whereas the adventure capitalists have in the past regularly casted our limited circle of power for the protection of our resources and have across markets held space for items to be stored for the town auctions and town box. we are willing to continue to provide this service...
  8. Roff

    Endure elements ritual slots?

    If I upcast difficulty endure elements for multiple effects how many ritual slots does it take up on an item?
  9. Roff

    Ritual Shopping list

    I have an armored shell for sure and I can check on others.
  10. Roff

    Resolved Arcane Armor

    Can I walk and refit arcane armor.
  11. Roff

    Ritual Failures. High magic vs Mastery Score

    In ritual failures it lists points of high magic as the determinate for ritual failure compared to what I believe should be ritual mastery score. If ritually mastery score is not suppose to be here why does it exist as it is not listed anywhere else in the rulebook besides establishing the score?
  12. Roff

    Wrong time duration on high magic abilities

    The length of high magic abilities should be until end of logistics unless it is now intended for banes and cloaks to last past logistics and throughout events but I doubt that’s the case.
  13. Roff

    Mystic tattoo

    I have to agree that is very confusing I read it as the mystic tattoo ability allows the caster to inscribe a scroll onto the flesh and when the logistic period is over they lose that ability to do so, but just like as if I made a scroll once it’s made it doesn’t disappear I just can’t make more...
  14. Roff

    In search of Permanency catalyst

    Hello everyone, I have been planning a big ritual for a while and it looks like I am finally close. I am in need of securing a permanent duration catalyst. If anyone has one available or knowledge of one I would greatly be interested In hearing from you. -Roff
  15. Roff

    Secondary school adept changes?

    Why did secondary school spells for adepts become more expensive?
  16. Roff

    Meditation on a UB

    If I swung at a target with a united blow and somehow completely missed my target with a swing, would I be able to meditate back the spell used?
  17. Roff

    Starting items armor and weapons tags?

    Does a brand new player staring at 25xp in the game gain an armor tag and weapon tag in alignment with their skills in addition to their 150 pp or do they now need to purchase this with their production?
  18. Roff

    Spell storms

    It is no longer listed anywhere that you are required to stand still while casting storms/lesser storms is this intentional or a thing that got left out. If it’s intentional HM storm augmentations will need to be reworded.
  19. Roff

    High Magic Alignment error

    The text for high magic names and abilities are misaligned in the beta packet. Please see magical conduit and oak of the archmage for example. pg. 49
  20. Roff

    2.1 Alpha Dragon Stamp Survey

    When do dragon-stamps get distributed for participants?