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  1. Azeban

    August Favorites

    (On a side note - What happens if a page takes a Berserk? They run around yelling nonviolently in the nearest folx' faces?)
  2. Azeban

    August Favorites

    - NPC camp for really fun combats and engaging RP. Especially the pacing of the Sat night puzzle/battle team combo mod. Thanks, NPC camp! - Bat things that spoke in human voices like someone with a really troubling childhood or who had played a little too much Binding of Isaac. Thanks for the...
  3. Azeban

    Task for the August Gathering

    Matron Locke, I will be bringing Phelorna's Blessing with me to this gathering and will gladly lend you support in plague research. -Azeban
  4. Azeban

    Message to my LARP family

    Hi all! Many of you know this, but here is some important info about me to either educate you or as a refresher. I am a nonbinary trans woman. My pronouns are she/her. The same goes for my characters. I know some of you have an easier time with these concepts than others, especially since a lot...
  5. Azeban

    Town Box Requisitions

    Zen, I have some light armors from my earlier days of adventuring that are still functional, and I'd be happy to donate them to the town. Azeban
  6. Azeban

    Looking for Kitespar

    Have you placed your order yet? I need more kitespar.
  7. Azeban

    Auction of Items from May Gathering 9219

    6 gold for sorcerous triage
  8. Azeban

    Auction of Items from May Gathering 9219

    4 gold each on #6 and sorcerous triage, 2 gold on #7
  9. Azeban

    Event Favorites - May Season Opener

    - Everyone being cool and welcoming about my stuff both IG and OOG. - Great effort on both mod types and RP by Plot. Thank you, NPCs! - West Side Sewer Rats on the slayer's guild initiation mod, and some properly murderhobo-y resolution of the sewer hostage situation - Trying to hide on a grassy...
  10. Azeban

    Town Tea

    Auryn, my dear friend - We should share thought about your teahouse. -Azeban
  11. Azeban

    Getting to know you

    My Name - Azeban What do I do? - I stalk battlefields regally with my pollaxe Dominion or puissant silver blade Starfall, I See and collect memories, and I provide communion between my adventuring companions through my exceptional mental powers. I have pretty eyebrows, possibly the greatest of...
  12. Azeban

    New Player Build Advice

    Two-Handed Edged is a Weapon skill, not a Martial skill. So you don't have the xp to buy any slays or parrys... by the time you get to 30 spent in Martial, you would have spent at least 38 xp. A lot of folx are recommending investing in getting Weapon Proficiency 2 early, because swinging 6's...
  13. Azeban

    New Player Build Advice

    As a 2-H fighter, repel strike is overrated in my opinion. Get resolute instead since it sounds like you're going to have an armor rep with solid value. It is HUGELY advantageous to get nailed with an eviscerating blow or something for like "500 body", be able to call out "resolute", be at 1...
  14. Azeban

    April Opener 2019 Favorites!

    - 2.0 rules - Plot condensing two days of activity into one in a well-paced manner - Wayside's enthusiastic RP and improv abilities, both among the PCs and NPCs - The Company's food - Being made to feel incredibly welcome both IG and OOG, meeting lots of cool folx, and getting reacquainted with...
  15. Azeban

    Thanks for the Great Game! (and share what you learned!)

    Welcome to the Fellowship of the Big Stick :)
  16. Azeban

    To Heroes Beyond the Mists (Plot hook for Season 2019)

    Roff, I found myself drawn into the Mists while dreaming, pulled by the echoes of memory in my fond companions from both the Sheltered Lands and Ravensong, to be deposited in this land of Erabella. While this may be a new and unknown place to me, its troubles resonate with familiarity. I find...
  17. Azeban

    unwarded cabin at Gamehaven

    Y'all are awesome. I'll slap the reservation down, and if you just want to get me some cash at event then Team Smash n' Grab... erm, I mean Team Noble Warrior Heroes of the Realm... will be in business.
  18. Azeban

    unwarded cabin at Gamehaven

    Azeban would be cool with either of those options, but would def. lean towards Bruisey and Elros for unwardedness. Would you two be able to help with reservation cost? I can cover up to half of it.
  19. Azeban

    unwarded cabin at Gamehaven

    Maybe, depending on the size of the cabin and my proximity to the ward. I'd prefer a fully unwarded cabin, but since I don't get the luxury of a paranoid and battle-ready Baeleon sleeping in and guarding my bunk area this season I may make concessions. :P
  20. Azeban

    unwarded cabin at Gamehaven

    If anyone else is interested in bunking in an unwarded cabin in May, that'd be awesome. I'd prefer to not make my Celestial-allergic butt overnight in a tent. If there were three other folx who wanted to do so, I'd be willing to drop in half the $60 cabin reservation cost if the rest of y'all...