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  1. RiddickDale

    Tips on being a mercenary?

    At the end of the day a mercenary is someone who fights with the intention of getting paid. That's what MOST of the players at the games I play do. You can be the nicest, sweetest, healer-est guild master in the campaign, but if your coin primarily comes from killing goblins and taking their...
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    Overall 2.1 Feedback

    Gary, "What was the guiding principle behind this rules change? Was the goal to make the system simpler, for example?" The guiding principle of this rules update was to finalize the 1.3 conversion process. This included adding a Crafting update, fixing unintended power balances, and reworking...
  3. RiddickDale

    Overall 2.1 Feedback

    Greetings, Thank you for your patience. We've spoken to everyone involved and taken time to deliberate. I'll post a response here and then unlock the thread for further comments at this point (assuming that people play nice). 1. Threats The comments above regarding threats are referencing...
  4. RiddickDale

    Overall 2.1 Feedback

    Hello everyone, First off I want to give a quick apology. A lot of this was published recently and I haven't been a part of it to help because I have been on a leave of absence. I'm back now. I'm still getting mostly caught up (national staff left me mostly out of the loop while I was on...
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    Welcome Alliance Ohio!

    Greetings one and all! It is my esteemed pleasure to announce the arrival of a new Alliance chapter! Please join me in welcoming Alliance Ohio!! The chapter will be run by JT Whitney! Head on over to their OOG forums when they are live and wish them a hearty hello!!!! (Should be by the end...
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    Welcome Alliance Wisconsin!

    Greetings one and all! It is my esteemed pleasure to announce the arrival of a new Alliance chapter! (Although this one is a bit late!) Please join me in welcoming Alliance Wisconsin!! The chapter will be run by Samantha Swanson! Head on over to their OOG forums and wish them a hearty...
  7. RiddickDale

    Welcome Alliance Roanoke!

    Hello to all! I am pleased to announce the formation of Alliance Roanoke in Virginia! Their forums will be live to make announcements about start dates, and locations very soon! Join me in welcoming a new place to play! Stephen Alliance LARP PR/CS
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    The Official Alliance LARP Podcast is Live!

    Hey y'all! I'm proud to announce that Alliance LARP has a podcast! Our first episode is live now! Give us a listen!
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    What Even Is "Normal?" - National Staff Weighs in On Re-Opening

    Greetings, The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on our hobby and continues to do so. It has not only kept us from running live events, but, in doing so, it has placed the burden of additional isolation on so many members of our community. We know that many of you are looking...
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    Our website is live!

    Looks great!
  11. RiddickDale

    Monthly Town Halls With the Alliance Chair

    To All and Singular That This May Present, Our illustrious leader, Anthony Mungo, will be holding an open town hall on the official Alliance LARP Discord Server at 8pm EST on the last Wednesday of every month. You can find the Alliance Discord here!
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    John Finnegan - The Best of Us All - Rest in Peace

    We're gonna make you proud buddy. Promise.
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    The Alliance Publicity Committee is Recruiting (Again!)

    Dear Alliance Community, The Alliance Publicity Committee is looking for more adventurers to join our ranks! Our goal is to create a great blog, an exciting podcast, and fill our social channels with evidence of how great our game (and our players are). But, the current committee can't do that...
  14. RiddickDale

    Alliance Has a New Chief Technical Officer!

    Greetings! I am proud to announce that Alliance has found our new CTO! David Glaeser (long-time player and owner of Alliance Raleigh) has taken up the reigns! He will be responsible for maintaining and updating the CMA and some of the website functions. Any requests from players who need to...
  15. RiddickDale

    Announcement - The CMA Has Switched URLS!

    Hello everyone! The CMA is now at a different URL so y'all will need to update your bookmarks accordingly. The Freeplay CMA for Mock character builds - The Official CMA - Thank you! Stephen Alliance National PR/CS
  16. RiddickDale

    Welcome Alliance Wyoming!

    Greetings one and all! It is my esteemed pleasure to announce the arrival of a new Alliance chapter! Please join me in welcoming Alliance Wyoming! The chapter will be run by Candance Hill (@GwenHarper ) and Jon Catamas (@Mulgrum ). They plan to start holding events in 2022 and we cant wait...
  17. RiddickDale

    Announcement Regarding the Alliance CMA!

    Greetings! I'm pleased to announce that negotiations have been completed and the Alliance will be retaining our use of the Alliance CMA that we have all grown to know and love. We'd like to send a special thanks to Dustin Springer (the Alliance NH owner) for his help in bringing the...
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    Closed Chapter FAQ

    The National Organization has received a number of questions regarding characters/items/etc in relation to the chapters that have left the Alliance. Below are the answers to some of those questions. We are having ongoing discussions so please feel free to reach out with questions that are not...
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    Welcome to Alliance Raleigh!

    Hasn't happened yet! :) Anyways. YAY RALEIGH! Go team go!
  20. RiddickDale

    Welcome to Alliance Raleigh!

    That pun just circle rezzed me.