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  1. Aggravain

    2023 Fundraiser

    Hello TRUE BELIEVERS! It’s time to Prepare for our 2023 Season! Slowly we return to the new normal. In Ascension things are far from the normal lives our adventurers have known within the Cairn. Previous years we had done fundraisers and we have been lucky enough to have a huge outpouring...
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    Public Projects The efforts to establish a settlement and defend against the various problems in the world is a daunting one. To this end various players will be making a ton of effort in various categories. You can now invest goblin stamps you have earned into various categories. Each category...
  3. Aggravain

    Winter Vinette: Interrupted Breakfast

    Servants scrambled to assemble the small table and flat ware. They laid plates and filled the wine glass. All in preparation for the man slowly walking over. Black gems on his brow and a great coat brushing the grass by this roadside clearing. The light snow of the previous night melting and...
  4. Aggravain

    Getting back in after a long absence

    - About how many players show up at each event? Our first on site event had about 25 players. We if course are hoping for more. - About how many events do you run a year? This year we are running two. We are hoping for more next year. - I used to play at Alliance San Francisco, but I don't think...
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    Night Market announcement

    Ooc you got the space!
  6. Aggravain

    First event player sponsorship

    ASCENSION PLAYERS! AND POTENTIAL PLAYERS.! We are extremely lucky in that we have some people sponsoring players for our opener. If you are interested in coming but financially can't swing it please submit your character and interest to We only have a few spots but this is...
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    Night Market announcement

    Oog: Acknowledged. A space is yours
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    Night Market announcement

    Pinned on the notice board in the tavern, you see a large and flashy poster calling for aid from those brave pathfinders who will be leading the people of the Cairn to the surface. “Surface explorers! As you bravely go before us, know that home is not far from you. I, Kala the Golden, am...
  9. Aggravain

    August 19-21 Event Signup

    August 19,20,21 event signups! Pcs: 1.Chris W 2. Kate F 3. John M 4. Kyle G 5. Alex K 6. Grant M 7. 8. 9. 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 Npc: 1 Kyle S 2. Sam 3. Gabe 4. Angel
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    2022 event schedule

    Hello Friends! Our 2022 event schedule for our on site games at EMR are as follows: August 19-22 Sept 30-Oct 2 Info can be found at
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    Gifts of the Forgotten program

    Boons have been posted.
  12. Aggravain

    Boons of the forgotten

    BOONS!!! We are adding a new way to spend goblin stamps! There are powers at work in the world that are long forgotten. Boons of Nature: Deal with healing and restoration of mind and body. Boons of Hope: Deal with empowerment and purpose Boons of Despair: Deal with boons of destruction and...
  13. Aggravain

    Gifts of the Forgotten program

    Heya friend, I'll have a second post for this by end of the week. I was concerned about dropping them with some changes that happened in the rules. Kyle
  14. Aggravain

    9 pm curfew ????

    Heya! So those laws are to let you know the world and culture youd characters from the Cairn grew up in. The curfew is in now way a thing during the events. -Kyle
  15. Aggravain

    Returning after some time away.

    Heya Toddy! Welcome back man. Its a whole new world my friend. The Ashbury campaign had come to a close and those lands were sealed off due to some storyline stuff. Our new campaign is starting as a lowbie campaign. There been a bunch of changes. Please feel free to email me at...
  16. Aggravain

    Ryder's Ray of Sunshine

    Thank you so much for joining the fight. This lil dude and his family are part of our chosen family. I am psyched for him to be able to attend our kids events. Right now though his fight is way more serious then chasing my chubby self as a dragon. Thank you for being the best part of our game...
  17. Aggravain


    “What..what are you doing over there.. What’s that moist sound?” Karnak said as he twisted in his shackles as best he could from where the chains were bolted. He looked over to see his friend Viltis the human licking his wrists and ..spitting on them and then working them against the shackles...
  18. Aggravain

    Ascension tale: The pulse.

    Wind..Wind doesn’t matter anymore. It doesn’t “feel” the same. Nothing has for so long. Zoix slowly stood from where they had rested inside a wayward pine. Stretching now more from age old habit than a need, their automaton body made various sounds one would expect from an ancient construct...
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    Updated policies At Ascension, we want to make sure that people who go out of their way to lend a hand to the chapter get properly rewarded for their efforts! That’s why we offer our players the Magic Item Pick List, from which anyone can “buy” Magic Items, scrolls, catalysts, or components. Of...
  20. Aggravain

    You character within the Cairn receives a letter: We must Prepare

    Champions within the Cairn. After the revelations of the threats within the Cairn itself and the information that has come to light we have no other choice than to prepare to exit to the surface. Please bring this to the Collegium meeting hall to volunteer for your task. We must obtain three...