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  1. Sswanson

    Braclets From the Silent Auction

    Greetings everyone! During the Silent Auction, I put a great number of stone and gem bracelets in. If you bought one of these and they are either too big or too small, please let me know here and I can resize them for you to better fit. To anyone who saw them and liked the idea but didn't find...
  2. Sswanson

    Opening Fundraiser Announcement!

    2023 Boon Fundraiser and Character Ability Bonus For the 2023 Season, we are pleased to bring to you some lovely Boons to help enhance your adventure into the Wild World of Kida Sanu. These boons, if chosen to be activated, once purchased will be placed on your spirits at logistics and you will...
  3. Sswanson

    Proclamation from House Rumil

    Archduke Ramill, While you did infact send me a missive, it was given to me during a great feast at which I received my Title and Writ of Nobility and was busy entertaining several higher up Nobles of Prademar. The messenger it was sent with gave it to me with very little time left in their...
  4. Sswanson

    Why did the adventurers break out the Prison in Rathfall?

    Caution is the name of the game here for certain. I intend to speak with both the Archduke and Princess prior to this council convening. I have the pleasure of both being willing to support and patron any actions of mine with in Rathfall. Hopefully they can shed light and warning upon what...
  5. Sswanson

    Journey to the Desert Kingdom

    You are correct Shen. If not accompanied by a Dryad AND coming with out hostile intent, then you will not be granted access to the kingdom before ground. Ambassador Thorne abs u did make contact with the Guardian Village and the do seem like good people but they are insular.
  6. Sswanson

    11/2/22 Event PELs and 2.1 Feed Back

    Hey guys! Thank you again so much for coming out to the event at our New Site! Below is the PEL for ALW so we can hear your good things, bad things and please never do that again. WE want to make a chapter that you all find joy in playing and feel like you have an ability to shape...
  7. Sswanson

    Casting a Permanent Circle of Power - Earth

    You're creating the Healer's Guild, I would prefer to wait so that you can be part of this. New casting time, lunch time! B
  8. Sswanson

    Casting a Permanent Circle of Power - Earth

    Mutt, You're always my first pick! <3 B
  9. Sswanson

    Casting a Permanent Circle of Power - Earth

    Lorelei, I feel like Challenge Accepted is not the appropriate answer but that is what my brain thought. <3 B
  10. Sswanson

    ALW's Donation List!

    Newest donation path posted!
  11. Sswanson

    August and September 2022 Monthly Report

    So I see the table of contents but not the contents...
  12. Sswanson

    Casting a Permanent Circle of Power - Earth

    Adventurers! At this coming market we will be casting the Permanent Earth Circle. We have the scroll and Catalyst for this. At this time, any Earth Casters who wish to participate in the casting are welcome to assist. Assisting will allow you to be Invested at the Circle from its inception. All...
  13. Sswanson

    "A Whole New World"

    Thank you everyone for coming out this weekend. It was an amazing weekend with a lot of fun moments! 41 players to our first weekend event. I am pleased as punch. <3 Thank you for coming and making this weekend so amazing! If you have pictures post em here! Post your favorite moments!
  14. Sswanson

    Ryder's Ray of Sunshine

    All the love and support from Wisconsin. ❤️
  15. Sswanson

    "A Whole New World"

    Pre reg as per normal and print your card if it differs from the cma.
  16. Sswanson

    "A Whole New World"

    Unless something drastic happens, this event will be a 2.1 event. Prepare yourselves and your preregs accordingly. If the unthinkable happens and it becomes a 2.0 event, players will be notified immediately. The staff will make accommodations or changes to the best of their ability in a...
  17. Sswanson

    Communal Adventurer Supplies

    Loreli and Fates Pawns possess the items and I believe Thorne has some of the catalysts
  18. Sswanson

    High Arcanist, Reynold Illkari's "Portal Ritual"

    Valet Ratite, You speak wisdom and I will have my supplies with me for the Ritual to assist with anything we are missing. Additionally, I can reach out to the dragons I have relationships with and see if they will lend their dragon magic to us for this endeavor. In Service, Beryl Bunchberry...
  19. Sswanson

    Lost and Found

    I think this is Myks
  20. Sswanson

    Lost and Found

    That should have gone with Wisconsin stuff. I'll grab it from you