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  1. Lorelei Beinae

    Seeking a Gift of Life Cat

    Hello, I am seeking a catalyst for the Gift of Life ritual. Let me know your price.
  2. Lorelei Beinae

    Fae Grimoire of the Grimere Expanse - An Ongoing Study

    Lady Asher, I have spoken to you briefly before, but if this is your intention, I offer you as much aid as I can. Astraea
  3. Lorelei Beinae

    Rathfallian Blight Research Findings

    Uh.....Cool dude Hartsboon? Oh yeah, the races here seem to be much different than from where you are from. When I heard the Sulnari from your world don't have a birth sky and your jewels just grow in willy nilly patterns, it was very confusing. The way dryads are born in Rathfall is pretty...
  4. Lorelei Beinae

    Rathfallian Blight Research Findings

    To the point of the dryads: In these lands, dryads are born from the dead, allowing the spirit to carry on after it falls, but with no memory of their former life. Could these potential dryads be what happens to those that wander into the Blightlands, never to be seen again? Another reason why...
  5. Lorelei Beinae

    An invitation from house Kindershaw

    ((It's not opening for me.))
  6. Lorelei Beinae

    From the House of Montague

    I do not have a title. The 'of the Golden Leaf Crown' is just a simple expression of pride of my home.
  7. Lorelei Beinae

    Registration Thread January 6th Feast Weekend: All that Glitters in the White City

    Then you might want to remove the 2.1 beta part of the announcement.
  8. Lorelei Beinae

    From the House of Montague

    Hello Ser Bryas Montague, I believe I can be of assistance. I will not be someone that will visit often, but since I am going to be there with my family, I might as well be of use. I attended etiquette classes and dance classes last time I was there so I know a little bit about the dinning...
  9. Lorelei Beinae

    You and the Disolate Forest

    Hello, everyone! If you did not attend market, this is your formal announcement that we have made peace with the tree ents of the Disolate Forset. Our debt isn't completely paid but if you are to travel through the forest peacefully, they will leave you alone. If you have done harm to the...
  10. Lorelei Beinae

    The Cage / Five Bridges Prison

    Aramis, Honestly, no. I think that it wasn’t meant to be serious and when we realized it was, they proceeded to help me escape. I am not even seeking reparations (though would take it if given) but I am just calling attention to the broken system that lead us to the jail break. Lorelei
  11. Lorelei Beinae

    The Cage / Five Bridges Prison

    Hi~ It's me, Lorelei I was arrested for just existing. An adventurer was told they would be paid a couple of silver for each body they turned in and so I was arrested for coin. As I was brought to the jail, I witnessed the person who was watching over the jail at the time hand the adventurer...
  12. Lorelei Beinae

    November 2022 Rathfall Favorites

    I didn't do much this weekend due to some mental health issues that punched me in the face late Friday night but I will say I still had some fun! My favorites are: -how kind people were about my panic attack. Seriously never had people to take care of me before and it was nice to feel the love...
  13. Lorelei Beinae

    Why did the adventurers break out the Prison in Rathfall?

    I was arrested for just existing because they were paying people like....a gold to a few silver to bring them to jail. No need for proof or reason. They were paying by the body. A little weird in the larger scale of things. -Lorelei
  14. Lorelei Beinae

    The appearance of "The Puzzle"

    I think you are overthinking it. I don't think they made the puzzle. It's more a 'we had this cool thing and as a token of peace we give it to you.' They probably have no idea why it is the way it is just as much as we do, only that it works that way. -Lorelei
  15. Lorelei Beinae

    A Plea from your Fellow Adventurer (Passwall)

    Brother Dramthin, Then I suggest that you take the chance to meet him than to take my word for it. You seem determined to paint the man as some brutish fighter with no social skill instead of listening to what I am saying. Every inch of your response is an interpretation of his entire...
  16. Lorelei Beinae

    Healer's Guild

    Lorelei reporting for duty! I am Lorelei Beinae-Stormwolf. I tend to be a back line healer with the occasional backpacking ventures. I mostly focus my magics on healing wounds, fixing diseases/curses/commands, and refreshing protectives when needed. I recently start venturing in high magics...
  17. Lorelei Beinae

    Casting a Permanent Circle of Power - Earth

    I will be there in you can't do it without me since I have the catalyst ~Lorelei
  18. Lorelei Beinae

    A Plea from your Fellow Adventurer (Passwall)

    Brother Dramthin, I truly do believe Count Tanno is better suited. He is not unskilled in politics. If he is not on the front line, he is attending court. Not all of us enjoy the whims of bureaucracies but Count Tanno has shown a willingness to engage with politics when is necessary. I am not...
  19. Lorelei Beinae

    A Plea from your Fellow Adventurer (Passwall)

    My Fellow Adventurers, I stand here before you today to call upon you to aid Count Moko Tanno in our push to the former capital of Passwall, Noxfell. I would like to first start this by informing you that I am not fully in support of how this duchy is handled. As much as I can understand the...
  20. Lorelei Beinae

    Rathfall November Event Teaser

    *Slides you this link* It has the plot email for Rathfall