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  1. Bruvah M.

    Food, Services or other goods being sold?

    I intend to sell uses of my Restore Prowess items. If you want your high end spells, evades, and other such skilsl back? Come find the guy with a long, shiny, spear, some chainmail and a bunch of black scaring around the eyes.
  2. Bruvah M.

    ARB: Alliance Rulebook Beta Feedback

    On page 148, the short hand description for Powerful Meditation doesn't mention that it can also be used to meditate back missed Martial or Stealth skills.
  3. Bruvah M.

    Empowered Strike is Useless

    Ah! I thought it could be, but when I referenced PG. 148 of the beta rulebook for details, it just says “ Meditate back a spell that hit a Defense“. It does say the right discrption on PG. 151 though. Guess thats just another thing to add to the feedback thread.
  4. Bruvah M.

    Empowered Strike is Useless

    How are Spellswords meditating back Evicerates that already resolved?
  5. Bruvah M.

    Empowered Strike is Useless

    Whoops. Definitely did not mean to reference it as a crutch, or that using skills to mitigate combat ability makes someone beneath us. And after rereading my post, I’m sooooo not surprised my message came out that way. My bad. What I was meaning to discuss was how such an ability is a trap for...
  6. Bruvah M.

    Empowered Strike is Useless

    I feel as if this is being said without understanding how much “only 100 XP” and “only 200 XP” really is worth. Doesnt it take several dozen games to reach 200 XP? Were talking hundreds of hours, just to reach these levels of power. Characters of this magnitude should feel capeable at the very...
  7. Bruvah M.

    Big West 2019 Donation Drive and Fundraiser

    What Items have been claimed regarding the boffer weapons/ shields? If any remain I would love to make some donations. Ideally, I can even claim all of them and get them made before the event.
  8. Bruvah M.

    Bane vs. Weapon strike sleep

    I feel that the spirit of the rules should be kept in mind here. The purpose of a Poison Coating is to enable to use of poisons on weapons. The vehicle of that poison to a character’s body is a weapon. A Parry and Evade are able to be used to protect against attacks made from weapons. The idea...
  9. Bruvah M.

    Foundation blow + precise blow

    Now only if poisons could combine with Arcane qualified attacks. Such a combo would be golden!
  10. Bruvah M.

    Armor/Production item conversions

    I figured this is exactly how it would go. Turn in the old tag, then get a new 2.0 equivalent. Do this for all tags and then the character is set for 2.0. If anything, not getting a new armor tag is weird. Since many items will be being updated to a 2.0 equivalent, I don’t see a reason for...
  11. Bruvah M.

    What qualifier is Arcane Strike?

    Magisterium/Foundation Strike, when used in conjunction with Combined Strike, let’s you swing for X Arcane Strike (effect). E.G. ‘10 Arcane Strike Healing’. But what sort of qualifier is Arcane? Is it treated like a spell? Is it a weapon attack? I know it can only be Cloacked, Dodged, or...
  12. Bruvah M.

    Earth Spellswords

    Combined Strike, Magisterium/ Foundation Strike all got some pretty neat buffs.
  13. Bruvah M.

    [.11] Mettle and new fighters.

    Perhaps make it take 10 Health but costs 1 XP more?
  14. Bruvah M.

    [.11] Fighter defences.

    Fighters can’t purchase Spell Parry with XP last I recall. They will need an item. Fighters don’t really get Spell Shield. They get it if a friend casts it on them, or if they drank a potion. But that seems it.
  15. Bruvah M.

    [.11] Discussing The Impact of Applying Weapon Skill XP to Martial Or Stealth Skills

    A longbow and a short sword. It required One Handed-Edged, Archery, Florentine and Two Weapons. I’ll respond more later
  16. Bruvah M.

    [.11] Rogue and Fighter mid-level skill requirements

    I’m not sure how you can come to that conclusion. In my opinion, there are multiple ways to do so. Your weapon choice would be a major way to change your approach in combat, but still. Maybe an example would help? Wait four levels to get one rank in it? As in spending 40+ experience to...
  17. Bruvah M.

    [.11] Discussing The Impact of Applying Weapon Skill XP to Martial Or Stealth Skills

    Throughout the playtests, what would have changed if the experience points used to purchase Weapon Skills applied to the accrual of Martial or Stealth XP? The reason why I bring this idea forward is because of a concern I had brought to me during the first Utah playtest. Some newer players felt...
  18. Bruvah M.

    [.11] Rogue and Fighter mid-level skill requirements

    So where are the details for this? I’m looking to playtest a character the focuses entirely on back attacks/critical attacks and can’t find that in the latest rules update
  19. Bruvah M.

    [.11] Weapon Shield

    Excellent idea, maybe add a clause to include assassinate, slay and other similar effects?
  20. Bruvah M.

    [.11] Mend Armor

    Perhaps Mend Armor could be cast to reduce armor refit time? I understand it’s not what was originally intended for the spell, which was supposed to be a quick way to restore a little armor. But easily shaving off 30 seconds or so might be worth the cost of a second level spell.