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  1. Resete

    2020 Alliance LARP Utah Fundraiser!

    Just donated. May donate again!
  2. Resete

    A few words on Law and Order in the Maelstrom (safe)

    If I may clarify - the main objector to my tactics was and is Sir Leon, not the populace at large. The slanderous and untrue words spoken about my actions do indeed put to question the judgement of those who met to discuss my actions as I was not allowed to be present to validate or defend my...
  3. Resete

    [SAFE] Announcement Regarding Desky O'Houlihan

    Have there been any updates regarding this situation? And a small update would be appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Resete

    San Francisco Alliance Season Schedule 2018

    Which campaign is the July event? I just found out I will be unable to attend June, so I want to cue up my schedule.
  5. Resete

    Sealing the Well

    We cannot use parts from any other land - this ritual is potentially VERY fragile and we must make sure we do not attempt to substitute or "guess" at any parts.
  6. Resete

    Enerret March 16th - 18th Preregistration

    I don't see my name on the list. Did my pre-reg not go through? Please let me know ASAP.
  7. Resete

    Sealing the Well

    If anyone has gained any information regarding this - please let me know. Just posting this here to update. Please send any private responses if you don't trust the open forum.
  8. Resete

    Maelstrom February 9th - 11th Preregistration

    Just sent a note - I forgot to include bunk request in prereg. Please put Resete in Small Bunk. Thanks!
  9. Resete

    San Francisco Alliance Season Schedule 2018

    Well, April is the weekend of my kids Birthday, so looks like that will be one I'll be missing. All the others look good to go for me though! Super excited!
  10. Resete

    Sealing the Well

    I have been doing more research into this, and I believe I have found solutions to a few of the questions. I will update the first dream so all can easily understand.
  11. Resete

    Downtimes for Enerret Dec 15-17

    Not only did the template make it an easy way for me to submit without having to remember which plot to send it to - it also broke it down format wise so I didn't have to think about how to phrase things, or make my own bullet points. Seriously, this was a great idea and I hope it continues!
  12. Resete

    Downtimes for Enerret Dec 15-17

    How about both?!?!?
  13. Resete

    Town Hall at December Gather

    I shall be in attendance and will be more than happy to relay our information and goals to the adventurers at large. We need to understand what we are in need of and how to move forward and the exchange of information will be helpful to all.
  14. Resete

    Downtimes for Enerret Dec 15-17

    This is amazing by the way. SUPER helpful!
  15. Resete

    Enerret December 15th - 17th Preregistration

    Forgot to include with Pre-Reg, can I get bunkroom 2 space?
  16. Resete

    Sealing the Well

    Given Kjeld's confirmation, these are two separate things. The statue in Theros that is supposed to contain the Night Wolf's lover is indeed different from the Stymphalian. This would be two distinct ingredients needed. I do agree with Plue that we will only get one chance so we better make...
  17. Resete

    Sealing the Well

    Pinna refers to any sort of projecting body part such as a feather, wing, or fin. For a plant it could be a frond. Given, however, that we are dealing with a bird I believe that the feather may be the reference point.
  18. Resete

    Sealing the Well

    I believe many of these to be quite literal based on some of the writings we have uncovered. The first component would be from the Night Wolf's love. She was a great bird that he slayed and her remains are believed to be entombed in a statue in the capital of Theros. If this is the case and it...
  19. Resete

    Sealing the Well

    For those of you who traveled with the Selunari to the Well from which all of the foul mists are spewing forth, we thank you for your courage. That being said, our venture deep into the Selunari homeland was potentially quite fruitful as when we encountered the Well, Plue was able to use her...
  20. Resete

    All in the family?!

    Desky, Correct me if I'm wrong, but the production cost of a single cure mortal wounds potion is 4 silver? Would that not make 1g a value of 2.5x production? Also, I am not sure if you are aware or not, but Vivienne completely sold out of her potion stock so there is obviously a demand for...