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  1. Larien

    August Event Survey Please visit and take this brief survey regarding the last event. It's really important for us to know how we did-- both positive and negative, so we can make a better game for you!
  2. Larien

    Survey will be on its way!

    I'll be posting the survey soon. Please help us improve the game!
  3. Larien

    September Favorites

    Post them here!
  4. Larien

    August Event Favorites!

    Post your favorites about the August HQ event here!
  5. Larien

    September Pre-Reg

    Re: September Pre-Reg: DEADLINE SUNDAY SEPT 1 PCing as Larien. Using my event credit.
  6. Larien

    Pre-registration for August is CLOSED

    Re: Pre-registration for August I'll be NPCing!
  7. Larien

    Photographers at AUGUST event!!!

    Two super talented photographers (my little sister and her fiance) will at the August event taking pictures of everybody in their fancy ball wear! If you would like pictures of your character or team, make sure you bring your larping best. EVEN IF YOU ARE NPCING THE EVENT, BRING YOUR STUFF! We...
  8. Larien

    Pre-reg for July Low Level Event: Pre-reg is closed

    Re: Pre-registration for July Low Level Event NPCing!
  9. Larien

    June favorites!

    First off, a HUGE thank you to the Sam, Tom, and all of the NPCs for making this weekend so great! ~Feeling useful with my Gypsy Curses AGAIN. You guys have made it worth all the build. I certainly don’t expect it to happen much, but it has made me feel pretty badass lately. ~Seeing Irina...
  10. Larien

    Hoping that I can help...

    OOG: Larien’s voice reaches out to anyone willing hear her in dreaming I hope that you all can hear me, I know so many of our minds are filled with painful thoughts and emotions from the last gather… In speaking with Mouse, Alda, and many others this past gather, there is reason to believe...
  11. Larien

    April 2013 Favorites

    This was the best event I have ever attended at HQ. Period. There are too many favorite moments to describe, but here are just a few things: --The Thomas Mod. What a fun way to start the game. It should go down as the most disgusting yet delicious module EVER. --Vanguard. I am so lucky to be a...
  12. Larien

    September Favorites!

    ~Rainbow hair. It's here to stay!!! I was fully intending on keep my hat on the entire event... until Mike V. yanked it off as his Rom. Oh well, so much for that! ~Dwarven New Year. There is something really magical about seeing everyone goof off together in character. ~Casting a ritual and...
  13. Larien

    Drumming Maybe?

    I'm going to be bringing my drum(s) along to the event, so I'm inviting others to do the same! Maybe we can get a drum circle going by the fire ring at night. Thoughts?
  14. Larien

    2012 National Event: Food Committee - Volunteers Needed

    Since I just saw all of this (yes, I live under a rock)... I am willing to help with dishes anytime. I can't do the heavy lifting of the water/juice jugs and whatnot, so I'll gladly switch out for someone who is NPCing to help with prep and dishes if they would rather do something else. Let me...
  15. Larien

    Making modern drums look in-period

    Not really on the subject, but I am SO excited if this happens... I will bring my djembes to every event if there is interest in starting a drum circle.
  16. Larien

    British TV crew at the July event

    I will do it!!! They can come hang out with me at the radio station!
  17. Larien

    Medical Certifications

    I have current CPR, First Aid, and AED certification.
  18. Larien

    My Gypsy Brethren

    More and more I find it so important zat I make my way to Fairdale again in a few veeks time. My blood boils to think we must sit in the same room with this monster and talk of peace, but we shall see how this unfolds. Fates willing, I will be able join all of you to fight this Shadow once...
  19. Larien

    Cabin and Tent Site Reservations

    Fourth it. Although I don't know where Drew will end up. I don't think I could change Rowan into a rom in time for the event. :lol: --Amy
  20. Larien

    Sept Tourney

    That's completely fine. I WATCHED a lot of archery tournaments, too! I think it would just be fun to see.