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    October 14th Favorites

    1. Tiff Donaldson lore. It got real heavy real fast. 2. Becoming Arm Candy and meeting Craig and company. 3. Dancing skeleton mod. Aiden can only dance when he's corrupted or charmed. 4. Killing the catoblepas with my eviscerating blow. 5. The Atish Militia is still the best. 6. All the new...
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    A Request to All Adventurers

    Your Name: Aiden Olrikson Your Title: No thank you please Group: Atish Militia The days you will be adventuring: Wednesday eve, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
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    Donations 5-Day Big Mid-West

    Amazon items should be delivered to the Alliance Chicago address on Thursday, Aug. 11. $39.76.
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    May Event Favorites

    The push into the castle courtyard was an incredible rush. Dark, enemies all around, the line advancing -- all the while Aiden was silenced and trying to let loose a battle cry. (Sorry for shouting out "hold the line" after the silence ran out :) I'm learning!) Dragon smuggling is a dangerous...
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    Feast Event Favorites!

    Oh man, my first event. There were so many things that were great: The grand melee was incredible. Even though I was yo-yoing the whole time, it was great to be a part of it. Staying up late on Friday and gambling away around a gold and a half worth of silver. The feast was awesome. The...