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  1. Stana

    Why is Eternal Resolution an Armor-only ritual?

    It doesn't seem to fit the theme... resolution feels like an "I don't need to wear armor" style skill, and it's racial counterpart Focused Resistance doesn't have a similar requirement of target types. Feels really out of place, is all I'm saying.
  2. Stana

    CMA - Parry cost for Scholars incorrect

    Sorry if there is a better place for CMA errors! Just noticed the Parry cost for Scholars was listed as 7 instead of 8.
  3. Stana

    Retribution - "Only One of a Particular Defense"

    With there being multiple sources of some defenses (Bane specifically), how does this work with Retribution? ex: I am hit with a Web spell, and have prepared a high magic Bane Binding. It is then reflected back, can I then use a Retribution in conjunction with a Cloak Binding or Dodge to bane...
  4. Stana

    Eternal Resolution - How long is "Immediate"

    Sorry this is a bit pedantic. I presume this follows the rulebook definition for Calling Defenses: Is the intention that you can ever be at [up to] 26 body with Eternal Resolution? Or, if I am hit three times in rapid succession and dropped below 1 body and expend three uses of Resolute, can I...
  5. Stana

    Spell Swap Changes

    I am curious about the change from 10 to 60 seconds - what was the reasoning for this? Players who wish to swap out multiple spells (Say, they prepped for undead only to find out they will be fighting elementals) are now taken out for a significant amount of time. I'd love to see it...
  6. Stana

    Item Cosmetic Transformation Spellcrafting

    Item Cosmetic Transformation states (paraphrased because it's long): Hello! I notice this ritual is not spellcraftable. Is that intended? I foresaw an incredible use when the ritual was announced to assist players via spellcraft. Case 1: The traveling player who cannot afford to ship their...
  7. Stana

    Combined Strike + Other Effects

    Say I'm a spellsword with a staff. I have 9th level Signature Spells memorized, Combined Strike, Foundation/Magistarium blow, Potency, Magic Evocation, Oak of the Archmage and Enhanced signature spell High Magic. Can I combine all these? Celestial Spellsword: 100 Spell Strike Flame (Oak OR...
  8. Stana

    ~Ducal Announcement~

    By word of His Grace, Duke Sumnus Aderica, open court will be held this coming Saturday in the Ceriopolis. Any who wish to present His Grace with information, grievances, requests, or similar is welcome to attend and do so in a civil manner. Two sessions will be held, once in the morning and...
  9. Stana

    National Event Followup (ATTENTION PCs!)

    Hello everyone! Just because the National Event is over doesn't mean the story is! If you (or somebody you know who may not check here often) meet one of the below criteria, please send us an email ( with the following information: Player Name, Character Name...
  10. Stana

    History Lecture

    Greetings, future citizens of our Grand Empire. In four days time, I shall be arriving in the townstead of Hope's Reach to conduct another lecture on the History of the Empire. I shall arrive at eight bells past midday, and the lecture will begin shortly after. If you wish to attend, I will...
  11. Stana

    A myriad of different voices speak

    When we last witnessed your blades crossing it was in triumph over a chaos twisted vampire. You aided in restoring balance by dispatching his form. There are those among you that do not understand our presence. There are those among you that do not understand the trials you must go through, or...
  12. Stana

    Shipping Large Weapons

    Was wondering if anyone out there has experience shipping larger weapons (two handers or polearms) and what the cheapest options are. Also, where the best places to get shipping containers for them? I'm looking at shipping one or two 2-h weapons, along with a couple long/short weapons. Thanks!
  13. Stana

    Guild Meetings

    As a reminder, there will be a meeting for current members and interested parties in the Royal Guilds in the following disciplines: Magic War Trade Meetings will begin Saturday Morning around the hour of ten. Questions and answers will be held then. Sebastian Lightfoot Dean, Collegium of...
  14. Stana

    Rumors heard around town

    Undead are becoming an increasing problem, but only at night. Hope's Reach is being rebuilt with McGregor's Euphoria money. Something shady is going on at the edge of the forest. The extreme swings in the weather just aren't natural, and may effect the crops this year. Baron Idden has a...
  15. Stana

    Declaration of Intent

    Her hair as fine as spun silver Shines as a balance on the ledger Her form as delicate as wine Like the hope that she would be mine ~Anonymous (OOG The above has been found posted in a number of location, clearly written by a few different hands)
  16. Stana

    Alliance LOL Cats

    Stolen from a different site, but thought it was worth sharing.
  17. Stana

    My thanks

    I wish to express my thanks to both Sera Kyrie and Brother Eric for their guidance and organization to both parties this past market gathering, as well as those who aided in playing along, as we were forced to to be rid of them. Tarqaq, many more thanks for fetching the poison to release me...
  18. Stana

    Donations for the May event

    Looking for a way to get some more goblin stamps, either for more build for your character or for some fancy production items? Here's some things we could need for the upcoming event(note--If you plan on making any of this, please post here so we avoid duplicates): Sewing: We need 3-4 Dark...
  19. Stana

    Wonko, James

    Wonko the Sane and, James the Inconceivable I would like to speak with both of you at the upcoming gather in Hope's Reach. I will be around sometime during the day Saturday. -Corrigan Oakhurst Commander, Whiteoak Mercenary Company
  20. Stana


    Greetings to all, I will be visiting the town of Briarpass in the upcoming week and find myself in need of lodging. Are public dwellings available for use, or rooms in a tavern available for rent? As well, if there are any persons around well versed in the application of magics -- higher or...