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  1. Hoyce

    The State of the War

    [Please find below a recap of the state of the war and winter raging across the Empire] In Wyndael At the outbreak of hostilities the 2nd and 3rd Imperial Legions along with a contingent of House Giefer’s House Guard under Lord Yuldus Passerholm invaded Wyndael from the south, burning a swath...
  2. Hoyce

    The Wyndael Word, August, 21, 6E

    The Wyndael Word All the news of Wyndael! August, 21, 6E Imperial Regent Declares War on Wyndael - Stormbreak Keep Besieged! By: Colum Defras, Editor-in-Chief War has broken out in Wyndael. During the summer House Wyndael declared support for the claim of Luin Geifer to the Imperial Throne...
  3. Hoyce

    October event pre-reg

    Hoyce to play Cedric please. I will be staying with the rest of the Nemisis and Friends. Thank you.
  4. Hoyce

    Declaration of War

    (OOG: The following is posted prominently within the Empire and all areas of Wyndael where there is Imperial presense) Let it be known by order of Regent Vikkin Stratos, on behalf of Her Imperial Eminence, Empress Venna Stratos I, ruler of the Cloud Empire and Overlady of House Stratos, that...
  5. Hoyce

    Roleplay for Casting Spells

    Hoyce here, channeling Henry: "Nope!" The more detailed explanation is that wands don't actually fire spells, but just elemental energy, which is not affected by this plot/campaign effect. Accordingly, you can fire a wand all day long and not ever trigger the RP effects of spellcasting. Thanks!
  6. Hoyce


    Ok, now that I’ve rested a full 24 hours my mind has reformed from the overheated mush puddle it was from the weekend. -First of all I want to thank our dedicated NPCs and those PC’s who hopped fence for us. We literally could not tell the story we want without you. I especially want to thank...
  7. Hoyce

    The Wyndael Word - June, 21 6E

    The Wyndael Word All the news of Wyndael! June, 21, 6E Blood for Blood Allies With Trolls. Tu’Throk Defeated! By: Josam, Reporter at large Blood for Blood has continued to stage attacks on House Wyndael forces and citizens, openly declaring that they will kill any Imperial citizen supporting...
  8. Hoyce


    So after a day or so to rest up and vaguely organize my thoughts I can post a few of my favorites. Before I do though I really want to thank our NPC’s. We literally could not do the game without them, and they are rock stars. I don’t think I ever got a “eh, I don’t want to do that” vibe when I...
  9. Hoyce

    Wedding of Izikiel Ryatt and Elizabeth Keenan

    [OOG: This will take place at the end of Winter at Stormbreak Keep. If your character spent their winter at Stormbreak Keep they can have been in attendance and witness to the following events.] For a week before the ceremony, masses of workers clear snow in the fields and woods surrounding...
  10. Hoyce

    Mage's Guild Archaeology Mod

    Hello Stormbreakers. If you were part of the group who were decrypting the notes on the Mage's Guild Archaeology mods please send plot an email at Thanks!
  11. Hoyce

    A Noble Wedding

    Hello Stormbreakers! In the lastest newsletter (just posted moments ago on the IG board) is a letter from High Magnate Elizabeth Keenan. Dearest Wyndael, It has been a harsh winter, and I fear we have more challenges ahead. But as Spring follows Winter, so shall we shake off the snow and...
  12. Hoyce

    The Wyndael Word

    The Wyndael Word All the news of Wyndael! February 15, 21, 6E Message from the Editor By: Colum Defras, Editor-in-Chief Welcome to our first edition of The Wyndael Word. Funded by House Wyndael, this publication will report events within our new provence and news from the Empire that will...
  13. Hoyce

    October DEADLANDS FINALE Pre-registration and logistics

    I did go through the pre-logist shortly after pre-reging. Should I go in an do it again?
  14. Hoyce

    News from the Front - September 20 6E

    News from the front The latest on the war for Wyndael September 11, 20, 6E Magnates Saved, Troll Emperor Defeated, Cauldron Destroyed! A great victory was claimed for the Empire in the province of Wyndael: the destruction of the trolls’ cauldron and their emperor along with most of the troll...
  15. Hoyce

    House Wyndael Sigil

    A shield is a good one, however it is the sigil for House Broadshield already (though obviously the colors would be different.) I like the ivy and column. I also heard a broken chain being bandied about and like that one too. One practical consideration that I would suggest keeping in mind...
  16. Hoyce

    Storm break season one closer favorites!!

    Hoyce's favs for the closer, in no particular order: -Playing High Mage Rett in the Archaeology mods. Whereas before he couldn't go on them because of the competition, there was no reason now for him not to, and it was fun. -Corollary to the above: Rett's love of his hat, and the RP after the...
  17. Hoyce

    News from the Front, August 20, 6E

    News from the front The latest on the war for Wyndael August 15, 20, 6E Vikkin Stratos Named Regent After the disappearance of His Imperial Eminence, Emperor Ernst Stratos, The Assembly of Houses has announced that His great uncle, Vikkin Stratos, will serve as regent. The Assembly has...
  18. Hoyce

    Second Event Favorites!

    Hoyce’s Favs (incomplete and in no particular order) -Our NPC’s. Holy crap did you guys have a tough one, and there was nary a complaint and as much enthusiasm as ever. Thank you so, so, so much guys and gals. There is absolutely no way Henry, Mags and I would have been able to pull this off...
  19. Hoyce

    Attn: Selunari

    We just recieved it this morning and responded. Thank you!
  20. Hoyce

    News from the Front, July edition, 20 6E

    News From the Front The latest on the war for Wyndael June 26, 20, 6E Emperor Ernst Missing! On Friday May 19 a large number of eager adventurers gathered at Stormbrak keep in response to Emperor Ernst’s call to arms. After meeting briefly with Magnate Izikiel Ryatt of House Heinlein and Lady...