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  1. ecrath

    Kitchen Reminder

    Just a quick reminder, we are back at the same building as last event. That means that the kitchen fridge space is extremely limited. Please plan to store any drinks or food that you are bringing in either coolers, outdoors, or at npc camp. If there is any food in the fridge when we arrive it...
  2. ecrath


    I've been pondering doing this for quite some time but with the roll out of 2.0 going strong right now just wanted to throw this out. Thank you to all of the people that helped bring this game into what it has become. From removing racial stereotypes, to developing new rules sets, to the folks...
  3. ecrath

    Additional blades for the June gather

    I am excited to come explore this new mist sphere in the next few weeks however I find myself unable to bring my normal armory worth of weapons. As such, what weapons or styles do you find lacking in your lines. Renshi Ignathis Nachtfeuer Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  4. ecrath

    An Open Invitation

    Fellow adventurers, I have been issued a test by my master Hanshi Vorg Deval. He has stated that I must fight against the best in each of the styles that I have mastered from amongst all of you. I have found this task to be impossible, you are are brilliant in your own rights, as such I will be...
  5. ecrath

    Illuminate Ritual

    Hello all, I am looking to purchase or receive and illuminate ritual. There is a town taken over by darkness in the Ternian Empire that needs our help. My hope is that this ritual will help drive it out. If there is an experienced caster willing to cast it, that would be helpful as well...
  6. ecrath

    A learning opportunity

    Adventurers, with the help of Renshi, a blademaster of the dragon clan, I will be hosting a battle and combat training opportunity. Thisnis mostly for less experienced adventurers but we will train any who wish to learn strategy, combat, and fighter skills. Ignathis —————————————————— Ig...
  7. ecrath

    Dragonfall Drinks

    Hello everyone hope you had as much fun as I did this weekend. I am conducting a survey to better provide drinks in the future. Attached is a link for the form. If you have time the Company would love to have your input on the future of our drink services! This includes plot members and NPCs...
  8. ecrath

    Lost pouch

    Did anyone find a brown and green pouch at/after the last 1 day? Ethan
  9. ecrath

    To those who wish to learn

    Hello adventurers of Wayside, Typically during the short markets there is little downtime for us adventures, however there is usually a half hour or so to spare. Please use this dreaming to ask for any new things you wish to learn. Hopefully there will be someone at the upcoming market that...
  10. ecrath

    The thing in the catacombs

    So, last market a group of us when into the catacombs to stop a potential sabatoge of the infrastructure of a city. I don't remember the name as I am new to dragonreach and im sure someone can fill in that gab. However, when we arrived the sabatours had already been killed by creatures living in...
  11. ecrath

    New Visitor

    Hail adventures of Dragonreach, My name is Ignathis Nachtfeuer and I will be traveling from the lands of Wayside to visit you on this upcoming market. I have vast knowledge in teaching the fighting arts and have worked up experience in using these arts. Please let me know if I can be of any...
  12. ecrath

    Menu for this Upcoming Market

    Hello all we have a lovely menu for this cold November weekend: Breakfast: Crisp Bacon and Cheese Frittatas with Fruit Danishes Lunch: Chilled Rolled Grilled Chicken and Veggie Wraps and Hearty Beef Vegetable Soup Dinner: Bean n' Beef Chili (bean-less option available!) and Fresh House-made...
  13. ecrath

    Learning new skills

    I want to help our fighters get better. As such, I have dedicated more of my efforts towards being able to teach people skills. So this upcoming market if you want to learn how to disarm, slay, evicerate, parry, or riposte I will be offering a class! If you don't even know how to use weapons...
  14. ecrath

    Calling to a part of me

    *In a soft voice, filler with sorrow almost on the verge of tears* Nikkolai, are you there? Speak to me if you can hear me. *Breaking down even more* NIKKOLAI!!! -Ignathis Nachtfeuer
  15. ecrath

    Candy mine

    So the candy mine candy was great, who made it? Can I get the recipe? Ethan
  16. ecrath

    All Hallow's Eve

    Come one, come all to a dinner provided by your favorite adventuring entertainers: The Company. On all Hallow's eve we shall serve a dinner for all who can attend. We ask for small donations from each of you. These donations will go towards the repairs for the Sea Witch (our ship that was...
  17. ecrath

    October 2nd Favorites

    Let me start out by thanking plot and the NPCs as well as all the PCs, it was a heck of a weekend. In no particular order: -Rob being unable to say his attacks and just going down the first time he was hit. -Pathergiest "Shun all non-Sarr". "HA!" Gets rekt. -Draco's eviscerate on the true name...
  18. ecrath

    Help with vampires

    It has come to my attention that there are vampires that are plaguing the duchy (thanks for the correction) of Northshire, if someone could investigate this between now and the next gather, that would be a big help. Ignathis Nachtfeuer The Company