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  1. Chulainn Stoneclaw

    Closer Pictures.

    Good morning, Did we ever get the general pictures from the closer. I have not seen anything posted about them. Also why can we not post messages to the Facebook group. It only allows direct messaging.
  2. Chulainn Stoneclaw

    Character build

    Where do we fond the stuff to re build a character to fit under the lvl cap?
  3. Chulainn Stoneclaw


    Hello all, My name is Asim Sadik of the Barquene. I am co-head of House Tranquility here in Icenia. There is a gathering coming up in little more then a week and I want to offer help to those who have not been to Fairdale in a while. We have been facing some situations here. You can either...
  4. Chulainn Stoneclaw

    Call to Arms from Barran

    My name is Hiwa Chulainn Steelclaw and I am seeking aid for my home. We have come under attack from a Biata weidling, what I am told to be wild magic. I watched as he did a ritual, that raised an island out of nothing. The reports that came back to us at Center watch was the island was alive and...
  5. Chulainn Stoneclaw

    A Ward

    Good Afternoon all, I am looking to purchase a ward for the upcoming gathering. My name is Asim and I am one of the Head of the Icenian House of Tranquility and I believe I will be the only Barquene in town. Please seek me out. Thank you, Asim Sadik of the Barquene
  6. Chulainn Stoneclaw

    A Ward

    I am seeking to purchase a ward for the upcoming gathering. Please seek out me or any member of The Legion. Thank you, Captain Hogrim Earthblade
  7. Chulainn Stoneclaw

    A Ward

    I am looking for a Ward for Myself and my Eş. If you can help me please seek me out tonight. Thank you, Asim of the Barquene
  8. Chulainn Stoneclaw

    Formation of a new House.

    Khodaa hafeez, For those that don't know me. My name is Hiwa Chulainn Steelclaw. I along with my Sefid Rayna Satyrsbane are forming a new House, The House of Dreams. We will meet on the day of Death midday, and we will talk with those that wish to join. But I only ask one thing. If you wish...
  9. Chulainn Stoneclaw


    We March. Captain Hogrim Earthblade.
  10. Chulainn Stoneclaw

    Duke Nevin

    Your Grace, I know you are very busy. At your convenience, if you could spare me a few moments of your time. I would greatly appreciate it. In service, Hiwa Chulainn Steelclaw
  11. Chulainn Stoneclaw


    Contact me, we need to speak.
  12. Chulainn Stoneclaw


    Once again here are the Pictures from the Aug Event.
  13. Chulainn Stoneclaw


    Ladies and Gentlemen, I have posted the pictures I took over the July Event. Here is a Link to get to them. Please enjoy.
  14. Chulainn Stoneclaw


    Zara, I don't know if you can hear this or if you are still......alive, but I am home. I am making my way to Dunnis Wiche. If you can please find your way there, I need to know you are alright. If you can not, please find a way to send a missve to me so that I know.......please. -Hiwa Chulainn...
  15. Chulainn Stoneclaw


    Chulainn voice is just under panic, " Zara I need to hear from you, I need to know you are ok. I know you do not like speaking with in the Apsuudi much. But some events have happened at this past gathering in the Ash Forest. I need to hear your voice. Please reach out to me, Please tell me you...
  16. Chulainn Stoneclaw


    Dream to me as soon as you can. Hiwa Chulainn Steelclaw.
  17. Chulainn Stoneclaw


    Ovadaj, dream to me when you can.
  18. Chulainn Stoneclaw


    Please contact me privately when you can. -Hiwa Chulainn Steelclaw
  19. Chulainn Stoneclaw


    I need you to contact me privately as soon as you can.
  20. Chulainn Stoneclaw


    Brother, contact me privately as soon as you can.