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    TLDR: Communicate with us! Please keep your plot team in the loop. Pre-reg, whether you're a PC *OR* NPC. That way we know who we're writing for on both sides of the fence and can help everyone have a better overall experience. New PCs: Send us character histories so we know what you want out...
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    Reading and Writing for Beginners

    Kindly tell your friends who cannot read about this missive. Citizens of Wyndael, In light of recent events, I feel it is time to deliver on some promises and establish the famed credibility of House Sterne. Before I came to Stormbreak Keep I was employed as a professor at the Imperial...
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    Attn: Selunari

    Hi, folks! If you wore purple contacts at the event, please get in touch with us. Some histories are vague (or not turned in at all!). Please reply to Thanks!
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    Imperial Postal Service

    Citizens of Wyndael, We are implementing a vital new service. We have tasked some of the 2nd Legion with the delivery of mail throughout the province. This service is gratis, though our troops would appreciate any tips you feel they deserve. There will be a box placed within Stormbreak...
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    Tell us about your favorite moment(s) from Stormbreak 1:1!
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    Oathsworn (Barbarian)

    Oathsworn There are two cultures of Oathsworn within the Maelstrom. The first is a culture of fierce pirates and raiders who live upon Storm Island and call themselves the Stormborn. The second culture is the nomadic Azarka who live upon the plains of the Southern Wildlands south of The Empire...
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    Wylderkin (& Sarr)

    The Tribes of the Wylderkin Locations Found: Wyndael, Wild Lands, Cloud Empire, Newhome, Stormedge Islands Year of Reckoning: Imperial System of Government: Imperial / Maritime Law Overview: Wylderkin can be found almost anywhere within the Maelstrom, from craggy...
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    Quyah'scenthaal (Elf)

    Quyah'scenthaal (KWIE-ah-sin-thaal, Original name: Quiscent Wood Protectorate) Main city: T'Savart'Uma Main port: Canadensis Year of Reckoning: QY 4093 (OOG: At the Spring of 2017) System of Government: Gerontocratic Socialism Overview: There may be found...
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    We were the first. We will be the last. The awakening was gentle. We awoke to changes. Some we expected, some we did not. The Grove was intact and the Bidden had kept their vigil. For that, we were grateful and forgave them for building their homes in the Walking Lands and Hunting Lands...
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    Kesh (Orc)

    Kesh know honor. Kesh know discipline. Kesh know war. The kingdom of the Kesh is called Orentis, with their capital city, Katak, built up around the base of an obelisk, which abuts the Maelstrom-ravaged mountains. From the great city, smaller cities fan out like the spokes of a great wheel...
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    Arieanis (Selunari)

    The Arieanis (AR-ee-Ah-nis) Year of reckoning: Imperial System of Government: Royal Monarchy, Elder Council Not all who wander are Lost Arisen Dancing from the Ashes The Earliest Histories: The oldest of our songs tell of a glorious civilization, a city that was like a glittering jewel...