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    NH Pay-No-Play Promo: March 2023

    Alliance NH is offering a special promo this month! If you can't make it to many games and still want to gain tons of XP at a huge discount, check it out! ~ Who says you have to attend every AllianceLARP event to gain experience? With our Pay-no-Play Pass, you can earn experience without even...
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    Alliance LARP NH 2023 Event Schedule

    Updated to reflect new pricing and pre-registration process.
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    Mint LCO Currency Discontinued

    The Mint LCO Currency is being retired. Characters that still posses any Mint should be able to receive a return on their investment. However, plot staff will no longer be sending out encounters or active engagement for this plotline. With that in mind any players who would like to redeem any...
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    Temporary Precautions for Events

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    Event Pricing

    Policy updated.
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    Alliance LARP NH 2023 Event Schedule

    Updated to add Payment information links.
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    Alliance LARP NH 2023 Event Schedule

    Updated to add Cinderfel March one day event information.
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    Alliance LARP NH 2023 Event Schedule

    Updated to remove temporary event long racial transformation allowance.
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    2.1Beta Test Events

    Posting here to point out that the Beta Test period has closed and this policy is no longer in effect.
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    NPC Awards

    Policy Updated
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    LCO Ritual Purchase Policy

    Policy Updated
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    Event Pricing

    Policy updated.
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    Private Events

    Policy updated.
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    Alliance LARP NH 2023 Event Schedule

    All events for the 2023 season will use the most recent version of the 2.1 Rules Set. While 2.1 is not the live version of the rules: Deaths will not be counted and characters will be allowed to...
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    Contact Information

    Updated to reflect active emails and contacts.
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    Class and School Breakup September '19

    While I would love to see an updated version of these statistics (given the 2.1 Beta events being held), I fear that the information pulled from the live CMA would not match the actual classes used (again given the 2.1 Beta events) and that the information pulled from the Beta CMA itself would...
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    10.28-30.22 CLOSER "Destabilization" FAVORITES!

    In no particular order. Myco wandering to his building to swap out some gear that was hurting me and his absence apparently causing a mod group to head in a direction they thought he went. Being able to use armor patches and 30 second refits to help facilitate the front line during a defense...
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    September 24th Player List

    You did pre-register properly. I know the above players list has already been updated but I wanted to also directly address your comment. :) Dustin
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    9.3.22 "Changes" FAVORITES!

    In no particular order. conversations IG regarding evaluating market prices for adventuring equipment goods. Myco getting a drum to be distracted with. The ghoul quarry and the Kyn fighting the monster that was shunning everything else. Myco having expressed an interest in / intent to eat...
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    8.6.22 "Reharmonization" FAVORITES

    - Team Harmony being allowed to take their trail because Myco has a staff and then removing their opponents means to fight. - Myco can still throw break globes while silenced - "What happens when a bat gets pinned?" - Myco naming his instrument after a very lethal fungus and no one catching the...