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  1. aegora

    Merchant's Guild scavenger hunt

    Thank you to everyone that participated in the search for the chests that fell from the guild wagon this event! Two of the four that were lost were recovered! As for the two that remained lost, Here's a glimpse at where they ended up, for those that worked so hard to find them! Sent from my...
  2. aegora

    (Sept 417) Announcement from the Merchant's Guild

    Attention to all members of the Merchant Guard; I am looking for 3 or more members of the Guard on early Friday night to help guard my wagon as it travels from the warehouse district to the town hall where the guild supplies will be displayed. Reports have indicated that ghoul attacks are...
  3. aegora

    (Aug 417) Announcement from the merchant's guild

    "In spite of the evacuations to old districts of New Acarthia, I would like to invite all guild members and aspirants to come gather together at the regular meeting time! In addition, for those who have been able to prepare the items requested by our friendly Dwarven lamp friend, I suggest...
  4. aegora

    Alchemy Book Club - Introductions and October orders

    Greetings New Acarthians! I would be delighted to (re)introduce the Alchemy Book Club to those traveling to New Acarthia this coming October during the thinning of the veil. We are an association of herbalists and alchemists who espouse the ethical and responsible use of nature's resources to...
  5. aegora

    Healer's Guild mobile outpost in Death's Isles

    Hello fellow travelers! As you are aware, we are currently traveling to the Death's Isles on a convoy of ships, and are slated for arrival some time late this Friday. As ship travel is not a commonplace thing for most of us, it is of utmost importance that we maintain the health and...