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    October Favorites

    So many good things this event; as always in no particular order PCing my first event in MN! Fighting the Sojourer's troops, chasing the archers and the mages Getting unexpectedly rifted with the Sojourner and Jemina (Sorry Glenn) "Do you want to go?" "No but Aicha does" The hard fights of...
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    Favorites of Foyer's Creek 5 day

    In the order of what comes to mind first; Watching the starry eyed people hide their eyes/ straight up avoid me as the Star Seeker for a day and a half and the RP with Hjuke because of it 'Willy! You sonofvabitch' Running my first mod! Fighting the starry eyed people as the Star Seeker...
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    Lost and Found

    But without the cloth in it
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    Lost and Found

    Is there someone I should message/email about the lost and found? I believe there might be a basket of mine in there
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    August Favorites

    I had such a good time, thanks to everyone Highlights include; The fae crab fight Getting sent off to face Elros during the dragon construct fight and just thinking to myself 'how is he so quick?!' as he sprinted away Getting hyped with the NPCs for a mod only to have Zihr allow me out...
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    July Favorites

    I had loads of fun at this event; some highlights of event in no particular order The Duchess rescue The roleplay at the beginning of the Hag fight with Bluwolf Naughty child, leave the nice old lady alone The Lich fight and being a hassle to the PCs as I was the only one who could spawn from...
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    May Event Favorites

    Oh and how could I forget; Lorelei and I fighting over the same few magic items
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    May Event Favorites

    As a general the new people (NPC and PC alike) were great and I loved the weekend as a whole but for specifics: The lizardmen favor fight with the Puppeteer Spider was so cool finding out what was causing what effects The cranberry farmer trying all the new foods "Hi Mila!" Spring Celebrations...
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    Lost and Found

    That small red notebook is mine