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  1. LARP Mom

    Sept Favorites from the Castle Event

    So many good things - though for a short time on Saturday afternoon I lost site of them due to coming into the game on Friday with next to no sleep (thanks for letting me vent Emma D.) Awesome to see my very first "foster" children - how I have missed you: Brent (who is the one who dibbed me...
  2. LARP Mom

    Seeking Specialized Skills

    Dearest Fern, How we have missed you! I apologize for not contacting you sooner, as I have been busy with other affairs. If you need me and any "services" that I can provide, I am here for you. --> Socora
  3. LARP Mom

    July Guest Plot Event Favorites

    Finally a day off, so I can think in peace! Thank you to the Guest Plot team - Ryan, Emma, Sid, Teaque!! Happy face :) So many MWEs!!! - 7 in all I had a blast playing Trixy for a change - and she picked up some new abilities that I got to utilize (Terminate and 2 Assassinates) Semi-guilting...
  4. LARP Mom

    Memories & Info from PQ Sigrid

    Benjamin, I am not sure. However, never hurts to be prepared. --> Socora
  5. LARP Mom

    Memories & Info from PQ Sigrid

    My Dearest Fellow Adventurers, I have been hard at work trying to sort through Plume Queen Sigrid’s memories which, thanks to all your help, I was able to absorb at last month’s market. There are a few things that I have been able to discern that I wish to share with you now, before this...
  6. LARP Mom

    Tavern Helpers Needed

    Please note that we still need 5 to 6 helpers. Reminder that you receive Goblin Stamps for helping out. Also, $$$$ Last game I let the workers split the meal coin between that meal's helpers
  7. LARP Mom

    Tea in the Tavern

    Dearest Auryn, I wish you success in your tea endeavors. However, I do ask that you do not bring or make any Mint tea this coming market. It has come to my attention that one of our fellow adventurers who will be present is severely allergic to mint. Also, please be aware that mint is not...
  8. LARP Mom

    Tavern Helpers Needed

    Hello Everyone, Once again, we will need folks to Step Up and help with the smooth running of the Tavern. As you can see below, we need several volunteers: BREAKFAST: Cook & Serve: 1.) Christina 2.) Emma B. 3.) Jenny Clean Up: 1.) 2.) LUNCH: Prep & Serve: 1.) Emma B. 2.) Kayla Clean...
  9. LARP Mom

    April 2017 Favorites

    I am sorry to be so late in my feedback and favorites - especially seeing I was able to play such a key role with Squire Fiona! I don't even know were to start, which beyond being exhausted all week, has stalled my response. I should get Jay to write this as he got an ear full and then some...
  10. LARP Mom

    Announcement - October to be held at new construction at Camp Stearns

    OMG!! That looks totally AMAZING!!
  11. LARP Mom

    Stepping Up

    Everyone, Thank you to everyone listed below who stepped up and volunteered to help out in the Tavern this weekend. *** Sloan Becker , Emma Berg and Emma DeRoode are each taking 2 shifts. If there is anyone who would like to jump in and help, or relieve one of these gals, I am sure they won't...
  12. LARP Mom

    Details on SoMN's Campaign (not chapter!) Closer! September 22nd-24th

    Now THAT we can not be having! No comfortable death bleeding. :p
  13. LARP Mom

    Registration Still Open for April 21st-23rd Weekend Event!

    Never fear for thought of hunger - the Socora will ensure that all bellies are filled :)
  14. LARP Mom

    Auction for Ritual Scrolls

    Dearest Sir Victor, I believe that you should shorten up the time-line on the auction. 500 years and a week is a bit long to leave it open. At least that is my opinion :) Respectfully, --> Socora
  15. LARP Mom

    Visiting Dignitaries & Food Competition

    Nikolai, The number to be served will depend on how many Adventurers make the coming market day. Though please note that any dish you bring will be one of many dishes served (hopefully), so enough for people to have small sampling would be fine. Regards, --> Socora {OOG: As we get closer to...
  16. LARP Mom

    Visiting Dignitaries & Food Competition

    Fellow Adventurers!! Important news and opportunities to start off the new year! The Bomae rulers sent notice to the Crown of their desire to open diplomatic talks with Gaden! Sir Von Gryphon, Lord Asher and myself have received an important missive from Senschal Tumin, Hand of the King...
  17. LARP Mom

    Components Needed - ASAP

    Dear Fellow Adventurers, I am looking to procure 3 Traveling components, either prior to our next meeting or immediately upon our arrival. Components needed are 1 each Pyrotis and 2 each Truesilver Please advise who could assist me in this urgent request. Respectfully, --> Socora
  18. LARP Mom

    Favorites for September guest event

    I have been putting off writing my favorites, because there were so many. I am not sure that I can even list them all!! -- Freaking Jasper - it was exciting to have him (and all his glorious hair) there. Jasper's "Puzzle Cats" because "Sphinx" made him giggle so -- Ogre fight challenges --...
  19. LARP Mom

    Hello friends

    Ah Jasper, It will be so good to see you (and your amazing hair) again. Regards, --> Socora
  20. LARP Mom

    Bird’s Nest Tavern – for Sale or Lease

    SOLD!! A "Lease to Buy" contract has been signed with Goodwoman Johanna Brooks for the purchase of the Birds Nest Tavern and, as all who were at the July Gathering can attest, it was a good match. --> Socora