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    Have a great event!!

    Just wanted to post to say that I hope that everyone has a great time at the event this weekend! :thumbsup: :D Matt
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    Anyone needing to contact me.

    Have a fun weekend everyone. :thumbsup: Matt
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    Anyone needing to contact me.

    A few people have sent word that they would like to get ahold of me. Here is my contact info. I have changed my primary email to I also (due to putting my old cell through the washing machine) had to get a new phone. My number is still the same (two 3 one - eight 7 one -...
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    so that you all know...

    Hey Gang, I want to let people know that I am alive and doing well, regardless of the rumours out there. It is true that I was in the hospital for a bit and have been undergoing therepy for a few weeks. I have been battleing Severe Drepression and Anxiety (unsucessfully) for years on my own...
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    safely home

    True Dat!!!
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    glad to know that you are safe and well!! Matt
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    Important June Event Info!!

    Important site info, so people will know what to expect. Camp Greilick is where we are holding our event. The camp is also being rented to two other groups that same weekend, (cub scouts and a search and resque training group,hey if anyone gets lost the experts are right there). They will not...
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    Photos of Alliance Traverse

    in case no one has noted there have also been recent additions to our photo gallery. Check them out Matt
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    Lords Meet

    There will be a meeting of the Nobles, Land Administrators, Ship and Caravan Owners during the evening repast on Saturday the 11th. (repast is a fancy word for evening meal) It is asked that all concerned please attend. Sheriff Cain Westlin
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    To the people of the Realms

    The land can't survive without balance. I am the preserver of balance. Ask yourself why do you seek to battle with me? What do you hope to gain? Are there those among you who would side with me in the preservation of the balance? Rewards are there for those who would turn the tide for the...
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    May Opener Favorites

    I'd like to say that this was my favorite Chicago event to date. I respect all the hard work that everyone put into making this event happen. To all the NPC's, runners a food service people, I tip my hat to you. Now some of my favorites: (in no particular order) 1. Seeing friends that I...
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    Snowy all gone

    Laurocy Laurocy, Looki forwrd to meating yer coppers and seeinz you agin. Me findz da junk fer you. You haz thingz you be lukin fer? Gob'Blingy
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    Photos of Alliance Traverse

    If anyone has any pictures of Alliance Traverse Events that they would like to add to our photo gallery please either send me a CD or email the pictures to Thanks Matt
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    Sorry it took so long, but the Pics from the one day arein our website's photo gallery. Check it out at
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    Absolute sweetness!! Can't wait for the finished product. :thumbsup: Matt
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    Allergies For May Event

    mushrooms. Matt
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    Pre-Reg for June 10th-12th (updated 6/9)

    Weekend June 10th-12th “Omnus and the end of Games” Location: Camp Grielick Teaser:The Elder Dragons have walked the prime material since the dawn of creation. Their games have wrecked entire civilizations in their wake. Omnus, dragon of Stone and Order, holds fast to the game. Adventurers must...
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    May 20th Event Information

    no, it is the same place in Camp Greilick. We are looking into thier platform tents for a possible rental for our June event though. Matt