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    Thank You for Your Hospitality

    Good morrow fellow adventurers, Isabo and I wanted to thank all of you for the hospitality that was shown this last gather. I am sorry that we could not come to some better resolutions for the troubles of your land, however, I have faith that the Outpost community as a whole will strive to work...
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    Event Favorites for November!

    Good afternoon everybody! Let's get those event favorites posted up here :) - Seeing everyone working together on getting the puzzles done for all the lore drops - Finding an actual way to get some fast travel going, but goddamn is it expensive - Having all the auctions go smoothly without...
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    This Market Gather Information

    Good morning all! If you are an earth caster or have the ability of High Magicks, I would request you memorize at least one Earth Blade or the ability to swing for healing at all times. During my time here in the town, there has been a larger number of undead creatures rising from the ground or...
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    Proclamation from House Rumil

    My word. A kill box? A third of the Triumvirate asks for your assistance and you believe we are to trap and execute you all afterwards? My word, this Shademire tale is getting too intense for my sensibilities. Our good Seneschal takes his job very seriously. I see that seriousness has rubbed...
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    Requesting Assistance Between Gathers

    Maiv, If you would be so kind as to assist those living in our settlement, I know they would greatly appreciate a kind word, a helping hand and someone to chat with. Ratite Hudsonia Zenorum the One and Only, This request is for the few weeks between now and our upcoming gathering in November. I...
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    Requesting Assistance Between Gathers

    Good morrow to all! The adventuring community as a whole was able to procure the necessary materials and items for the building of a well and more lodging with the agreement that we would be able to assist our neighbors during the downtime between gathers. With that said, here is the following...
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    October 15th Menu

    Thank you kitchen team!
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    Castle Room Reservations

    Good afternoon! Was curious when we will be finding out if we were able to procure a fancy room or not? I wanted to finalize my expenditures for the Minnesota event sometime this week if possible. Thank you for offering up the chance for us to stay in these rooms! ~Jared
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    Building of the Hammer

    Good morn to all! After spending a little more time reviewing the properties of the bar of unknown metal we found, I can safely state that it takes a Grand Master's worth of Blacksmithing (20 levels) to craft the adventuring populous a second hammer that will hold the magicks necessary to...
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    A Request to All Adventurers

    Good morrow to all! As we are but a week away from the opening of Foyer's Creek, I was hoping that those who are to be in attendance could provide the following information: Your Name: Your Title (if one is applicable): The Primary Group you belong to (if one is applicable): The days you will...
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    Thank You

    Good morning to my fellow adventurers, I know this past weekend's market gathering was one that had quite a few of us upset or distraught in the manner of how to deal with it. The issue with Trolls in Cinem is a disturbing factor, especially since so many of them do appear to be acting out of...
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    The Ebb and Flow of Change

    Rob, Thank you for all the memories and good times you've provided us over the years. Here's hoping someone will continue on with the Chicago Alliance legacy.
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    Katana Missing

    Evening all! It looks like my katana was not attached to my sword sheath when I packed up for the night. Last I saw it was at the barn during the auction. If anyone happened to grab it or gave it to monster camp, I appreciate it. Is there a way to get ahold of Steve in case it was left behind...
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    Donation Needs?

    Good evening all! I'll be swinging up your way for game this weekend and wanted to know if there was any needs for packets/donations/etc. From the pinned post, I saw it was back from 2021 and didn't know if that was still what was requested. Thank you!
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    Bugs and You - How to Not Kill a Friend

    Good day to everyone! With us finally in the spring/summer time frame, the bugs are finally out in force again. With that said, this is just the gentle reminder that I am allergic to DEET. Yes DEET, the wonderful man made product that is in most bug sprays. If you use DEET, please spray it...
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    Spider Island: Part 2 (Electric Boogaloo)

    Binks, Thank you for your willingness to offer up said items to us. I agree with Lady Fallingstar. We should pool resources as a town for these. On that note, I know there is a certain "merchant" that truly appreciates Silver and Platnium pieces. This might be the proper time to pool a good...
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    Spider Island: Part 2 (Electric Boogaloo)

    Good evening to all. I will apologize in advance if my tone is perceived as curt. My time as a Chief Warrant Officer in the military where I am from will be showing. Since we are in for a copper, in for a pound; we need to address our resources, abilities, group makeup and understandings of...
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    Magical Items and Scrolls(Evodia) for Sale

    Squire Cass, I am inquiring on the cost for each of the Spell Parry scrolls. If you would be so kind as to message me as to their cost, I would be greatly appreciative. Have a wonderful evening. ~Glenn Stormwolf Guardian of the First Tree
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    Chicago Opener 2022 Event Favorites

    Apparently it didn't post my response, stupid phone nom noming words. - Getting to see everyone again. Covid and life prevented me from being at the January event and I missed everyone's faces - Stroll through the woods talking time. I love seeing the development of players and tapping into...
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    Who's done with Spider Island?

    I ask this just for clarification if possible. When I first arrived on Fortannis and was told of the horrors of Spider Island, I was told there was a curse/plague that was the primary cause of this. Is this a true statement? While Spider Island nearly killed me last time I was there, I'd...