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  1. J

    Stormbreak Pre-Reg for first event

    Well there it is. I just registered for Stormbreak. I'll be in the Spirit room with Chris. Let the mayhem begin.
  2. J

    Favorites for the October HQ Finale!

    Yeah! What Christine said almost word for word the fight scene was fantastic. And I made steak for Mich Mich!! Happy b-day! The Nope nope nope nope to Fear mod was great. I love being a wolf. You're not my alpha I don't have to listen to you! Seeing some of the old guard come round again. See...
  3. J

    Greatest High Fantasy Movies

    Conan was named in the first post Sent from my VS990 using Tapatalk
  4. J

    Greatest High Fantasy Movies

    Two I can think of the haven't been named yet Red Sona Snow White ( the version with Sigourney Weaver as the witch) Sent from my VS990 using Tapatalk
  5. J

    September/October Event Registration

    Hey Tyson obviously I won't be at this event but I am prepaid for the season. Can you apply the build to Mayhem for me. Thanks you Sent from my VS990 using Tapatalk
  6. J

    October event favorites!

    So yes another fantastic event is sadly in the past. But did I mention it was fantastic? The unscaled dragon egg stealing mod was awesome. Seeing and fighting with Tim Curry after so long great. I missed you Tim! The feast? Well I never got to sit down and enjoy the feast itself but I...
  7. J

    Rabbits at the feast

    Of course there will be the feast! there should be lots of food, fun and maybe frolicing who can say. To go with that great event I will be also cooking several rabbits as well as side vegetables. I'll be making a nice hearty rabbit stew as well as a slow roasted and smoked hopper. I'll also...
  8. J

    For hungry and curious adventurers! ( By Mayhem your Coyotekin cook)

    So here I am back again from far away lands with strange customs and stranger foods! Time for some home coyote cooking. More rabbit! Three kinds this time. I'll be making a nice hearty rabbit stew as well as a brace of slow roasted and smoked hoppers! Haven't decided on the spices yet but...
  9. J

    For hungry and curious adventurers! ( By Mayhem your Coyotekin cook)

    Seems my cider supply was lower than in thought so no cider bread. But if I can grab some from a local supplier I'll share a few pints with you Gilwing.
  10. J

    For hungry and curious adventurers! ( By Mayhem your Coyotekin cook)

    Well then friends I shall bring two rabbits at least freshly prepared then seasoned and cooked on site. I am not planning on having any side dishes to accompany the rabbit this time around but I may come up with something last minute to add. Perhaps some Cider Bread also. I will enjoy...
  11. J

    For hungry and curious adventurers! ( By Mayhem your Coyotekin cook)

    Hello to all! I will have a bit of a treat come this gathering for all those interested in something of a different flavor. Rabbit! I've decided to bring some of my fresh catches round this way during this next gathering and plan to sell samples of the dish and see if there's enough interest to...
  12. J

    Favorites from March 8th event.

    Misfits Mistfits and umm Misfits. Varda trash stone elf! Blacksmith alley adventures. J and the lantern for the win on tha mod. Paste of stickiness on the front step during dead walk. - cackeling corpse comes to the door laughing. Places foot on step "hold!" Me "paste of stickiness"...
  13. J

    National 2012 Favorites!!

    That was me with the enslavement antidote. Your friendly happy Coyote Mayhem.
  14. J

    Legerdermain kit

    Mouse traps and buzzers are the most common mostly because we can't physically create, or safely create the types of traps that would exist in the Alliance world. What we can do is spice up the traps we do have. Consider adding counter balances to your traps to change the mechanics of its...
  15. J

    Chainmail Rust

    Sadly I have to say that even with all my creative genius and mechanical aptitude that I've found no easier nor effective way to remove rust from chain mail than sand and a bucket. As for preventing it that's almost impossible unless you get it annodized or some other similar process. How...
  16. J

    Legerdermain kit

    A few things for your Rouges kit. Not all pertaining to lock picking but very useful. You can skip the scissors and get yourself a sturdy pair of toenail clippers. These wonderful things will cut anything you come across from fishing line to Tigers tail ( a very thin steel braided jewelers...
  17. J

    National Donation List 2012 - New Requests Added 8/7/12

    Re: National Donation List 2012 - New Requests Added 7/21/12 I'd like to offer my services in the following copacity. Making the 40 glow in the dark masks Supplying Baby wipes Brining Tea, Lemonade and Fruir Punch Mix. Also brining Gatorade Mix is also an option. Could someone let...
  18. J

    July Favorites

    My favs in no particular order. Seeing all those lovely faces Ive missed the last two years or so. I'm glad to see Scott is still a sexy bastard. :wub2: Seriously though someone mentioned that they thought I hated HQ. I don't its only a scheduling issue. It was good to come back and catch up...
  19. J

    June Favorites

    As usual Crossroads was a lot of fun. My favorite moment of the event was Friday night at opening ceremonies when I was practically tackled by two ladies in Work makeup. Thank you Jill and Elissa. As always all things Misfits and the shenanigans that seem to ensue. Tag teaming the...