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    October closer favorites!

    Vicky was... surprisingly less angry than usual this event. I'm confused. I think she was just too angry to register it and it came around full circle to being gleeful to keep from sloppily trying to murder everything in sight and dying because she's actually kind of pathetic. In no particular...
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    Ride to October Event?

    Issue resolved.
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    Ride to October Event?

    In light of it getting closer to the event, I'm amending this. My roommate no longer needs to ride with me and I am willing to travel closer to make things easier for someone willing to help me out here.
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    October event pre-registration CLOSED

    Hi, I'm Willow Achtermann and I just pre-reg'd to play Victoria Galloway. Perkins, Luke, Christine and I would like the Dragon cabin, if that's a possibility, please? He hasn't pre-reg'd, but we're throwing Jeremy in there, as well.
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    Ride to October Event?

    Hi, my name is Willow Achtermann and I hate asking people for things. But, it has come to my attention that my usual ride cannot attend the closer and my roommate and I would still really like to see all your lovely faces. We live in Lancaster, PA, and would happily throw gas money at you if you...
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    September Event Favorites!!

    I agree with Kris. This is definitely a "top three events ever" event. Beautifully run. - Donna and Tom on monster desk. The pacing and the statting were just about perfect. While I felt useless IC at a few points, OOC I knew better and that makes it all worth it. Also, the NPCs that let them...
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    July event pre-registration: CLOSED

    Please put Willow Achtermann down for NPCing.
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    June event pre-registration: Closed

    Sign Willow Achtermann up to NPC.
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    May event preregistration CLOSED

    Hi. I'm Willow Achtermann, and I'm coming to NPC for you guys.
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    Left at Site

    I forgot a white binder at site this past weekend. It has contact information on the front, but my phone is currently not working. If you find it, please let me know. Thank you. Willow Achtermann
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    Carpool to Opener

    It turns out that my friend cannot make it, but I appreciate the offer. See you this weekend!
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    Carpool to Opener

    Hi, sorry this is so late. The change of arrangements happened very last minute. I'm bringing a newbie to the opener and thusly am trying to figure out how to get two people a ride. Ideally, we should be in the same car - I don't really want to bring someone up alone. If no one can take us both...
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    October Favorites

    This was a relatively quiet game for me, actually. Not that there wasn't combat to be had, that was provided in spades, it just didn't involve my PC much. It's what I get for making a character who's still convinced that anything law-related is stupid. :funny: This list is in no semblance of...
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    October pre-registration closed

    Re: October pre-registration Hey, hey Kris... -winkwinknudgenudge- Please?
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    September 2013 Favorites

    I have been dreading making this list because I knew I'd forget something. So much happened. This event had literally nothing to do with me and so much still happened. Everywhere. Holy crap. Plot, NPCs, staff... good grief. I'm still zonked from the event. I love you guys. Just... kicking up...
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    August event favorites!

    Wow. Okay, I know I will miss things. Holy crap, Donna. So much. So much everywhere. Besides some amazing roleplay, not much happened in the first part of the weekend. Here's that bit: -Thank you Frisco, for putting up with Vicky's emotional roller-coaster. Poor, poor "piss-drunk" Tvard. "You...
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    August Carpooling

    I normally ride up with Susie Lee, but since the lovely, lucky lady has moved to a nice, solid job, I am out of my usual ride. I'm not sure who all is departing from the Lancaster area, but I pack light and will help with gas money, obviously. Please and thank you! Willow Achtermann
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    Wild Elf Cultures

    If no wild elf culture like this exists, is there a chapter running around that wouldn't mind something like this idea being written into a packet for them? I'm quite willing to share, just don't wanna step on any toes.
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    Wild Elf Cultures

    Are there any existent wild elf cultures that are jungle-environment-based? I have an idea for a character, but am not sure there is a place she would fit. If there is one, I'd love to know about it. Thanks a bunch!
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    Pre-reg for July Low Level Event: Pre-reg is closed

    Re: Pre-registration for July Low Level Event Chandler Adams just paid for the event and the trial membership and intends to play his PC Zander. He just also hasn't registered on this site yet, so I'm posting for him.