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    True Tinkering on Dec 2022 beta

    I'm reading the new beta packet, and trying to make sure I understand the new use of the True Tinkering ability. I can see it allows you to spend materials (at twice the going rate) to create items from any other craft skill. But from the wording... does it mean I have to have another...
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    The Development of Atupal

    To build upon this, I am hoping for the meeting to at least cover the questions of the process on the city's development. While we can discuss which kinds of infrastructure and buildings we need, we still are in the process of surveying the land and will have a tough time getting anything...
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    Sigil of Foundation

    I'm looking at the new Sigil of Foundation item from the Oct 2.1 update, and am wondering if the damage upgrade can only be used for memorized spells/channeling? Or if I can use the item along with a celestial scroll?
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    The Gruntled Dwarf returns

    Um... probably the spellbooks, if that's possible. I can leave the Panecea for last. -Fox
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    The Gruntled Dwarf returns

    I'm looking for a few extra things to have put together. A celestial spellbook with all scrollable spells An earth spellbook with all potionable spells An alchemy recipe book 20 x Weapon shield potions inside a Panecea A Vial of Resistance 2 x Wizard lock scrolls 2 x Berserk gas globes If...
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    The Development of Atupal

    Yes!! That'll help a ton with making plans, thank you so much! I'm working on getting a survey of how many people moved here, so with all of that we should be able to have an idea of where to start. At least as accurately as I can put together by next market. It doesn't look like we'll have...
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    The Development of Atupal

    Thanks for the support so far everyone! Looks like we have a few parts of this project covered. Just to make it clear though, I don't have any more decision making power in this endeavor than anyone else. I just am helping out because everyone else in charge had a bunch of paperwork to do...
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    Reparations: Making Farming Equipment for the Trolls

    Well... we don't actually need any farming equipment until spring, since that's when planting and stuff happen, right? How much equipment are we looking at needing by then? With the new buildings going up, maybe getting some support would be better for such things long term. Getting a workshop...
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    The Development of Atupal

    Heinricht, That is unfortunately out of the scope of this discussion. Such a matter would benefit the Adventurers as a group, not the territory we now care for. Which is, as I understand it, the purpose of this writ. However, I can point out that the Town Box already exists, and is designed to...
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    The Development of Atupal

    Good evening adventurers. Though our newly crashed city of Atupal has been in the lands of Gavaria for a short time, it has made a rather large impact in these lands- not the least because of the adventuring community that has blossomed within. And with one of our now retired members- namely...
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    New stables and snacks this market

    Hey guys, it's Fox. So I'm bringing my grilling setup to the market day again if you need food. I'll have hot dogs, grilled cheeses for a gold and a few other things maybe, unless I get requests before then. I'll have hot foods on request, and will be putting on a larger load Friday night and...
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    Looking for an earth ritual caster

    Hey, I'm looking to get a pair of rituals cast this market day. They're small-ish ones, just a couple tomes of magic and don't need to be cast at the same time. -Fox
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    Looking for ritual casting

    Hey fellow adventurers, it's Tarqaq! I'm looking for someone to cast a ritual for me next market, maybe Friday night if possible? It shouldn't be a hard one or anything. Drop me a letter if you can. -Tarqaq Fox
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    Specialty crafting for April 15th market

    Good evening everyone. As many of you know, my name is Professor Bookworm, adventurer and crafter of unique items. As I have been moving towards a larger role in teaching, and trying to set up several new classes and other duties of mine, I believe that may take away some of my ability to...
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    Chicago Opener 2022 Event Favorites

    I'll add my bit- - 2 AM tavern shenanigans, with the bad decision squad - "Wait, how many resists do you have??" - Meeting all the new players, and having my old fox meet them for the first time! - Having multiple healers give me angry lectures for tanking the big bads too long and getting hurt...
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    Gruntled Dwarf

    Heya! Just headin' into town to help you guys out with your latest dust up. I'm going to need a few healing potions to help out. I'm looking to buy 6 or so, at least 7th circle but preferably 9th, but if you have a few more or less that's fine. Whatever's easiest to make as long as they're all...
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    Registration: January 7th Full Weekend Feast: The Best Beast Feast

    Got Covid this week... not going to be able to come to the event. Ugh.
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    Welcome the Viktory Celebration

    The prize for the parcel of land. Is that land of the kingdom's choice, or can you choose what area you wish to own? Provided there are no other claimants for said parcel, of course. -Tarqaq Fox Guardian of Bluewater Keep
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    Purchasing Potions

    Huh. Ok, if nothing else comes up I'll put my full production that way on Saturday. -Benjamin Bookworm
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    Purchasing Potions

    I have a few of these potions and elixirs to sell and can make more, since there aren't too many other orders right now. How many of them are you looking to purchase? -Benjamin Bookworm