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    To those of Romani blood

    No, I 'ave no vone at zis time. I was in za middle of zee trek to zee highest Norzern Waymeet, and I broke down, catch cold, and iitz all I can do to lift my 'ead now. I fear it vill be a LONG time before I vill be well enough to travel again.
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    ((sound of Natalia screaming))

    (( voice is heard as a scratchy whisper)) Cozin, I too 'ave been used against my vill to aid in zee scum zat is undead. Not so recently or az frequently az you. I understand zee dilema ov allowing zee beautiful, warm power of zee earth to turn you into zee wepon you spent your life learning...
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    You should report this to the closest Council to you........They will handle it from there I believe........They will not take kindly to what was done........ Nicol Delloncre Merik
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    To those of Romani blood

    I miz my Familia.....But sadly, I am still too weak to venture further than my wagon. I am so sorry my Sister. I vas so looking forward to seeing you. Natalia, keep kicking azz out there for me, and Ket..........Keep my sizter safe. Lanna, I am still Your faint song in the darkness
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    Getting Ahold of Plot

    Ok, so, I have a BUNCH of questions for any plot member really, but I've been so out of the loop for a while that I don't have any contact info. Anyone mind lending me an e-mail address or something? Please and thank you ^_^
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    Getting Married

    Sorry to be away for so long! Health issues aside (i am cancer-free!!) Matthew and I are getting married! So, I need any and all advice you as my "other" family can spare please... O.o.... I'm a little outta my relm here.
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    Thank You

    Amaris, How dare you speak to Jarrin's mate that way. He was not only a brother to me, but saved my life many times. There are those who have dealt much more closely with Celestial beings and did not forsake their ways and beliefs. I am as true to our kind as any of us. I hold the laws and...
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    This past gather

    Anna! I 'erd zat there ver bad sings going on, but I knew not zat zay were zis bad! I am so sorry I 'ave been avay for so long. I am overjoyed in hearing zat you vill be ok. Write to me, send me dreams. I am so lonly in hideing....
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    Thank You

    Sir Daniel Grimsby Merik, It is with great honor and joy that I congratulate you on joining our race. You may or may not know that I too am a Merik. We will have much to speak about when I see you next, if that is at all posible. I am overjoyed and again, Honored to call you family. Amaris...
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    Comments about the July event!

    Just...Wow.... I haven't NPCed in a LONG time, but I missed Dark-siding so bad I decided it was time. ALL THINGS BLOODY!!! It was so much fun to get as "EW" looking as possible..... Watching Maggie torcher Collin as she poured fake blood all over his mouth and face, and he squirming around in...
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    Pre-registration for the May event: CLOSED

    Re: Pre-registration for the May event; deadline 5/16! Hey Hey!!! Matthew and I will be NPC'ing. I just don't have a bank account to pre-reg with right now!!!
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    Romani Sing Along Time!

    I can teach you if you own you'r own. Yes, the violin in the Healer's guild is mine. If NPC camp will spare me, I will play for you. I know a few of my own tunes you can dance to as well. ^_^
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    Favorites from the opener!

    WARNING: I cannot spell while on flexerol, so forgive me. WOW! After spending most of last season sick, in the hospital, or getting better, I was SO HAPPY to see everyone. NPC's, you guys rock my world. Talk about gerbil-in-wheel syndrome! All 8 of you that pushed yourselves to the limit to...
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    Work Weekends at the Faire Play Site

    Matthew and I can most likely make the weekend of the 17th. We'll end up getting there around noon, if that's not too late?
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    Happy Holidays

    That it will. May everyone stay warm, happy, and thankful these holidays, and I can't wait to get my butt kicked this season!
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    November 2009 faves

    Bite me.... lol. I love the NH people! Thank you guys so much for an epic closer of a lifetime! 'specialy because I had missed so much in between. No order at all: Sleeping Sat night due to terrible OOG sickness, only to hear Matt (IG alexander) SCREAMING my name as he thunders into the cabin...
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    Leather Goods

    Would you ever consider working out chestplate or torso armor for women? I'm really struggling with sizing, and I can't find ANYTHING that looks right on me......
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    Clothing for sale and order!!!!

    I'm selling off some of my Romani garb, and now that I have my sewing machine up and running, I will be taking orders for things as well. On my Facebook, I'll be posting pictures of those things I have made so far. Colors, sizing and other spesifications can all be worked out either over the...
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    Love Potion #9

    Learned never to screw with Scott's High Oger...... O.O......Stupid gypsy curse going wrong and getting me tooled down. Totally my fault, and really funny OOG, but IG??? Not so much...Scotts big, even in normal life.
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    Love Potion #9

    I'v got a story for you..... Playing my Romani Wynter, I was Love9'd to a High Orc, Brok. The entire event, I was stringing colorful scarves to his belt, singing loud obnoxous songs to him, planning the "wedding" and gathering the rest of the Romani to drink and party with said Brok. Even...