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    Pronunciation Guide

    Pronunciation Guide for Stormbreak A Ackerland (ah-CUR-lund) = City in the Verdant lands Akhui (ACK-hoy) = Tribe of noted horseriders among the Azarka An’An’dalia Malt’thos (AN AN dal eeya MALT thos) = Current ruler of Quyah'scenthaal Arieanis (AR-ee-Ah-nis) = Selunari Azarka (uh-ZARR-cuh) =...
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    Pronunciation Guide

    Hey Folks we have put together a pronunciation guide to help you with some of the words unique to Stormbreak. If there are any words that you are unsure of that you don't see please post it here. Also if you have a thought on how to pronounce that word(s) please share them with us. We may use it...
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    Tell us what you think so far... AND FAQ

    The rp effect of casting your highest circle of magic will be covered in the players guide.
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    Tell us what you think so far... AND FAQ

    We want to know what you think about the race packets and other documents we have released so far!
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    Left at site

    That chain did not have a cross on it. I remember putting it on a shelf in the props closet.
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    9 Towers pre-registration

    Henry sent an email on Sunday about using me use mySeptember event credit for the 9 towers event.
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    October event pre-registration CLOSED

    Henry would like to use his event credit from October to PC Qualin and one private room. Thanks
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    Batkin costume help

    check this out ... cts_id=349
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    MWE merchant?

    As long as you not greedy about money I think it is perfectly reasonable to play a MWE merchant
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    Pre-registration for August is CLOSED

    Re: Pre-registration for August Donate for goblin stamps and just put a note in on paypal
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    May Favorites

    This weekend was very hard emotionally for Anna but a lot of fun for me. Went in the weekend with Anna already drained emotionally and then to see Qualin being so happy to be back in the forest and the first physical contact between them in about 7 months and trying not to cry. Later having that...
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    wylderkins unite!

    For my wolfkin I have clip on ears.
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    Pre-registration for May

    Sent my prelogist stuff on Saturday still not showing as prelogisted on the list
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    Pre-registration for May

    I will bunking with Kelly's crew in the earth or water room
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    breakfast meat

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    Thousands of voices rise from the depths...

    Gawain is at the Bardic College and Bireikara and Rowan are visiting the Ash Forest. They should be returning to Fairdale next gather in a weeks time.
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    Thousands of voices rise from the depths...

    I don't know what to say. What can we do?
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    Thousands of voices rise from the depths...

    Inama T'zel what is happening? Anna Rainwillow
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    Tournament Dinner

    House Redeemer 6people colors green, black, and gray