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    A Request for Celestial Ritualists

    Aramis and Ignathis, Thank you both for reaching out. The intention is to eventually permanently bind the enchantment to myself, though I can foresee acquiring the means to so being either time or cost intensive. Either way, I do not require it to be cast anytime soon, just antsy to be more...
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    A Request for Celestial Ritualists

    To any Celestialist with the capability of casting formal magics, I have recently come into possession of a scroll to enhance my own magics through Magic Evocation. I am in need of a ritualist, or a few who would be able and willing to spellcraft this enchantment on my spirit, for a payment of...
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    Blackmoon Sentinels Invitation

    Astra, Thank you for the invitation then and allow me to rank among the many brave spirits who keep Gavaria safe from monstrosities. Tel'rendiir
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    Favorites of Foyer's Creek 5 day

    Little Whinnie the legless teddy bear, swinging for doom Lord Protector Stephen Bordeaux Potion roulette musical chairs Annihilating a melon Getting dubious looks while linking with the Nexus alongside Euthymia (Awesome RP moment!) Just being able to interact with characters I've seen and not...
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    Looking for aesthetic help: Western, but not steampunk

    Poncho. More recommendations to come *Edit: Vests. All of them, forever. Especially tweed. Add a hard leather pouch to a side and circular glasses, and you've got yourself a snakeoil salesman You'll probably want button ups under the vests. Neutral tone scarves and bandanas are a good addition...
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    Lost and Found

    *Edit: Didn't see messages load. My comment no longer relevant
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    A Request to All Adventurers

    Tel'rendiir (Ren) None Atish Militia Wed-Sun
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    Blackmoon Sentinels Invitation

    Do the Sentinels have a place for researchers of monstrosities? I myself am but a fledgling, but I have taken to exploring Celestial magics in the pursuit of knowledge. I don't know how the Blackmoon Sentinels deal with other allegiances, as I am a member of the Atishi Militia. I hope that would...
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    July 22 favourites

    Loved the weekend! Thanks to plot and NPCs for: -murdering "Miro" -not murdering mama -rock -SLUGS -More people learning about Carbuncles -Filling out our bestiary
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    Atupal "Public Announcement" and Self-Determination

    As a native of Gavaria and a fledgling Swordmage of the Atishi Militia, my only desire is to protect and keep the lands I call home. It's good to be back. Pvt. Tel'rendiir Baeryth