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    Kyle. aka Grim can you pm me

    Thanks Onitt
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    Effects Groups: clarification - High Magic Purposes

    Pg 98 of the ARB lists out all the effect groups (as follows) Alteration Binding Coating Command Curse Damage Eldritch Force Evocation Gift Greater Command Healing Necromancy Protectives/Enhancement Remove Curse Remove Greater Command Summoned Force Other Each of these has examples of what...
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    High Magic :Flaw ability on rituals

    If in the creation of a magic item in game, during a ritual, I use this high magic ability: As a Celestial caster with respect to 1/2 dmg from <element>, double from <element> can be chosen? As a Earth caster with respect to 1/2 dmg from <element>, double from <element> can be chosen? Its not...
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    Construct calculator for Master Constructs

    Please check this out and send me some feedback. Thanks! Onitt Its designed to create a sheet for monsterdesk and one for player. only fill in the numbers on the yellow boxes. The bottom sheet will fill in depending on your choices and create a workable construct card for the player to carry.
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    Resolved spirit store - questions regarding the body

    What potions, elixirs, spells, ritual effects, etc. are valid upon the target of the character body (left in circle, ward etc) , and what do they do to the spirit stored inside the construct? This was in the previous thread and was missed in the answer provided.
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    COP Constructs and bodies- effects resolution

    When stored in a golem (highmagic or ritually) you must leave your body in a circle of power, this is a requiremnent per ritual scroll. If the circle is destroyed do you return back to your body and the construct is either inert or follows its last command? If someone accesses the circle via...
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    looking for ritual reagents

    Please contact me privately. I am looking for allreagents.Irequireas many as I can find. Willing to pay in coin. Sir Symerille I have a messenger that will bring payment (Oog I am willing to mail coins thanks)
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    Resolved Spirit Store Scroll- need clarification ****PLEASE******

    Re: Spirit Store scroll Dreamingfurther wrote: fairly simple question, but I put it up here because I've heard conflicting things back and forth. Is the duration of the Spirit Store scroll that stores someone into a golem still only 5 days, or did it go to 1 year like all the other scrolls in...
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    High Magic - Elemental Burst Pool and limits

    Below is the new wording for the High Magic Elemental Burst ability.......My question is as follows : The limitation I see is Max pool size is dependant on the number of 9th level spells x 100 pts in your damage pool.... so a 8 column caster could have a 800 point pool to play with if he...
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    Luca please contact me I need to discuss a private matter

    Please send me a message as to where I can contact you in private.. I wish to discuss a matter with you from the gather. Sir Symerille Strongbow Foxfire Elemental Warden The Sky Talon
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    Magic item creation

    Lets say I (Joe the Archmage) has an Expanded Enchantment scroll. I put my circle of power down and I want to start my ritual. I want to take and place a Dragonsbreath spell in my item. Then I realize "oh no" the only dragonsbreath i have is a High Magic enhanced "elemental" Dragonsbreath...
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    Skill Store ritual

    I have a small question regarding Skill Store and the new high magic abilities: Would a person be able to Skill store a "rebirth" for example? Just something new to think about.. Thanks for your time and consideration. Regards, Onitt Hernandez
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    Last gather............

    Whisperings have come to my ears that a Squire and his friends wish to contact me. Regarding the incident where I was attacked while attempting to save townfolk and adventurers a like. I hear you question my knighthood. I am here... I will listen to what you have to say. And I invite you to...
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    **Celestial Guild meeting will Occur Sat 12 of Gryphon**

    As always we will be holding our Guild meetings after the Squire Meetings on Saturday morning unless otherwise announced. If there is no Squire’s Meeting, we’ll be holding it during that time (around 10 bells on Saturday morning). Also, for those who attend and are wishing to join the...
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    *** Matt Echevarria and Alex Perex ****

    Can you guys PM me? I need to talk to you about 2 seperate things Thanks! :twisted: :ugeek: Onitt
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    Copy Formal - Ritual Scroll

    Question: Shouldnt this Ritual be the same level "at least" as the ritual you are copying? Example: Base level for Copy Formal is 3. I want to copy a Damage Aura level 5 Base (I belive). Shouldnt the Copy formal be equivalent to the scroll im copying? I know that if you copy a Scroll that...
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    Looking for Multiple Vision Ritual Scrolls

    Greeting, I am looking for Vision Ritual scrolls. Please contact me in private to name your price. I appreciate your assistance in this matter. Symerille Strongbow Foxfire Elemental Warden of Icenia Guildsman of Ashbury and Fairsdale Celestial Mages Guild Squire to Paladin Azreal VARDIK...
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    Attention Logistics Staff HQ

    I am trying to send PC info from some players in NJ and I am getting an error message in your E-Mail box: This message was created automatically by mail delivery software. A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following...
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    Some unfortunate news from Ironton, Vandalar

    I wanted to advise you that Admiral Parduc has left us. He suffered his permanent death this past Saturday in Ironton.
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    Fairdale Celetial Guildmaster Westwind

    Guildmaster Nathan, When you have the opportunity please contact me. I have a tome I have been working on for the guild. I have been handling many tasks this bitter winter but I have not forgotten my duties. I look forward to your contact. Safe Journeys and may the Stars and Elements...