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  1. Melimir

    Crossroads Contact Information

    General Manager – Logistics – Plot Committee – Customer Service –
  2. Melimir

    Crossroads 2019 Season Pass

    Our weather is such that the best months for us to play are not in conflict with most chapters' regular season!
  3. Melimir

    Crossroads 2019 Season Pass

    Greetings! Alliance Crossroads is pleased to announce our first ever pay-no-play season pass for the 2019 season! So what do you get? For $65 your character will automatically be blanketed for each event during our main campaign’s 2019 season. That’s 13 logistics periods! If you do decide to...
  4. Melimir

    First Event Questions

    Hi, next week will be my first event and I have a couple of quick questions and am trying to come prepared. 1) Mosquitoes, how bad are they at the site? 2) What is the camping situation? Are tents/hammocks allowed, and do we set them up away from the cabins or how does it work? 3) What is the...