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  1. HalveElven

    October 17 favored moments!

    Hello everyone! Now that the october event with the Tiatar masquerade is done please share some of your favored moments! Be it role play, combat or favored scene you saw amd are able to share please let everyone know! Ps. For feedback and ibga's there is a pinned post at the top of the OOG...
  2. HalveElven

    September 17 favorite moments!

    Hey all! As we just finished up the latest event please share some favorite moments you had from game! Would love to hear what you enjoyed! I will get mine out when I have some brain cells to rub together again :-)
  3. HalveElven

    August 17 favored moments!

    Hello everyone! Once again asking for your favorite moments! Let us know what you enjoyed and how it went down if you're able to share. ^_^
  4. HalveElven

    June 17 favored moments!

    Hello Everyone! As we just finished another amazing event I wanted to get this out soonest! This is the perfect place to tell those that were not able to make it how great a time was had!
  5. HalveElven

    May favored moments!

    Its that time again! Please share those moments that you feel you can share that you really enjoyed from the event! I have a few that I will add a little later! :-)
  6. HalveElven

    April favored moments!

    The links to the ibgas and to the feedback form will be posted after the event, but I wanted to get this setup now so I could announce it at the game! Once you get back from the event, tell us the favorite moments that you had at the event! So we can do all the bragging about all the fun and...
  7. HalveElven

    Loremasters Guild meeting for April gather 417

    Greetings from Amberion Welminster, Senior Lorekeeper and acting savant of the New Acarthian Loremasters Guild. The Loremasters Guild will be meeting at approximately ten bells of the morning on Saturday at this upcoming gather. Due to recent events I am going to be bringing a summarization of...
  8. HalveElven

    Favored moments thread!

    Hey everyone! With mod day now in the bag I wanted to ask everyone that went to post some favored moments! Ibga's and feedback links will happen shortly but I wanted to get this going now :-) For myself: A new player is getting his mission, and asks "what kind of rodents do you have that you...
  9. HalveElven

    Lost and found from castle day.

    Hey everyone! Wanted to pass along the info that if you donated claws in a claws holder and a nicley made bow were left with the NPC weapons. So if your missing out on these be aware they will be at mod day!
  10. HalveElven

    November favorite moments and other links!

    Here is your favored moments thread! For those of us not able to be there, or not able to be there long, please post what you enjoyed so that we know what happened that you liked. For those that want to do an IBGA here is the link! Here is the generic...
  11. HalveElven

    Favored moments and other links!

    thats another event and it was quite a fun one! For those that want to do an IBGA here is the link! Here is the generic feedback for this month. All responses are due in by 2 weeks or so prior to the next event...
  12. HalveElven

    Helpful advise for October

    A Town guard is seen posting this notice on Deep Jugs tavern and other areas around town: " A Public Service Notice With the seasons turning from Summer to Fall, All Hollows drawn nigh. As all should know, at this time of the year the veil is very thin comma allowing all manner of Undead to...
  13. HalveElven

    IBGA and Feedback September 2016

    for your IBGA form, please click here: for the feedback form please click here: To give the plot team time to handle these and so we can...
  14. HalveElven

    Lost and found for September 2016

    as promised here is the thread for lost and found. if you have found something and dont know who it goes to please post here that you have it. If you lost something and want help in finding it please also post here so that everyone can help in getting it back to you.
  15. HalveElven

    September 2016 favored moments!

    I will get the IBGA and Feedback thread up soon, but till then list your favored moments from this weekend!
  16. HalveElven

    ibga and event feedback August 16!

    Once again here is the ibga and feedback links! For event feedback click this link: For IBGA's you have until this coming sunday to submit and get a gaurenteed reaponce. Click here to submit those...
  17. HalveElven

    Loremasters meeting aug 416

    Greetings from Amberion Welminster, Sr Lorekeeper of New Acarthia. After an extended trip to Rainsford I have returned and have some exciting news. I have received word on a probable location for a translation key for that most intriguing journal that was found by Tinder. As such I am holding...
  18. HalveElven

    July favorite moments and important things!

    thats another event and it was quite a fun one! For those that want to do an IBGA here is the link! Special notes on these, if you are doing one for your Lost March character then you submit one IBGA for that character to attention to the Lost Marches Plot...
  19. HalveElven

    June favorite moments and forms!

    please share your favorite moments from the June event! lots happened! IBGA's are allowed but remember that for those that are doing in game actoins that you only have one week in game. and here is the standard feedback form not related to the feedback...
  20. HalveElven

    Feed back forms and IBGA's!

    sorry for the delay in getting this out but here are the forms! IBGA's : and feedback form: I will work on keeping these...