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    Parna, the Epilogue

    Hey folks, Here's a link to Parna's Epilogue, enjoy responsibly. Feel free to comment!
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    Resolved New Construction and Bows

    In the new construction section about the 5/8" foam coating you have this: The entire surface of a bow is a non-striking surface. Does this mean that bows could be made entirely with lighter padding? (Ei. Single coat of camping pad over the core) I ask only because bows are not mentioned...
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    Graphite Golf Clubs

    I noticed that golf clubs are really thin, but apparently they work for weapon cores... Is there a good method to get the graphite golf clubs up to size? I was thinking of placing the 5/8" pipe foam sealed around the golf club, using some spacers to make sure it's centered and filling the gap...
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    Armor (leather/metal and torso sides)

    I'd like to make a cool set of armor that uses many straps. Basically pieces of leather being held to my body by buckles and what not. So, here's a few questions about armor design: 1) Upper chest says "from the bottom of the sternum to the neck." Where does the neck start? (As far as I know...