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    Can i un retire a character? Just wondering.

    Armor weight issue.

    Hi all. I have a question. I am really short and have some medical issues that don't let me wear any armor heavier than studded cloth. I tried to wear chainmail but after an hour i was to exhausted to do anything. I have really just played casters or adepts. Now im a templar. this year i had...

    In game Rp with new rules.

    Hello all. I have one quick question. Will there be a in game reason or role play on the new rules. I'm just thinking it may be odd that if i was celestial scholar last year and next spring i come in as a earth scholar. Or do we just come up with it ourselves. just wondering. Thanks all. Alan

    Why are Golems Gone?

    Hello All. I am a Celestial caster and i have a question. Why are golems going away? Is is a to much power thing? It just seems formal isn't as exciting. So to me it seems why become high level and do all the work to become a formalist, when some of the exciting things are going away or becoming...

    New Character Question

    With the new rule with alts and xp im thinking of starting an alt. But oddly enough i have never made one and it's been really a long time since i made a new toon from scratch. Where is the info on this. I know we get 12 copper. Thanks much. Alan

    Coming back

    Hello All. I will probably be coming back this August market day. Sorry for being gone so long, It took longer to figure things out than i thought. So what has happened since i have been gone? Who has rose to power and who has lost it? Your friend. Aldorian

    Celestial Guild.

    Hello All. I am sending this to ask for your patience with me and the local Celestial Guild. As some of you know as it grows cold i go home to work and help my people. Sadly this winter that will not be happening, i will be going to the capital. I will be there for several months. Most likely...


    Zzzzzz, What? Who? Why am i hearing voices while i sleep? Is this a dream? Or is it real.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    Hi All. I would like to wish all of you a happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for all of you. Have fun and stay safe. Al Weier

    Armor and Shield

    Hello All. I am looking to see if someone would build me new armor and a shield. They would have to be smaller than all the others and would need to fit me. I am looking at 25 points of armor. I would rather have leather than metal for weight. But will take metal if that is the only option. The...

    Need someone to help me fill out my earth spell book.

    Hello All. I am in need of some help. I have a spellbook up to level 6. So i would like to borrow someones spell book up to level 9 and copy the spells into mine. Is there anyone that would let me copy there spellbook and is there anyone that can do the actual copying and how much would it...

    Question for board.

    Hello All. I have a question. I have made a survey for school and i was wondering if it would be ok to put it up on the Out of game boards. It's a survey i made about videogames and tv websites. Just want to make sure that it's ok before i put it up. Thanks much. Alan

    A couple of questions?

    Hello All. I have a couple of questions for everyone. First can i get all the names of people that are guardians now? I know there have been some changes recently and not everyone may know. And can i get a list of all the different groups or orders? Like Gandian's group and Kovu and Panda's...

    Couple of questions.

    Hello All. First off i would like to thank everyone at fight practice. I had a blast, and can't wait till saturday to do it again. After the practice i ordered the new digital copy of the rules and also the paper version. Also i recieved gobbies for going to the practice. What do i use them...

    Combat question.

    Hello All. I'm thinking of larping. And i had a question about combat. How hard are you all hitting people? I would not be a heavy combat person, probably a healer. But i'm also a small guy. I'm only 5 feet and about 105 pounds. And am wondering if i will just take a beating, and ending up...