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  1. Ragnarok

    Lecture on Mistportals

    There's a good chance I'll purchase a full set, or at the very least, my companions and I will purchase a full set for ourselves. I may try to offer you some ritual scrolls in trade if you will take them, though I understand if you have greater need of coin. -Ragnarok Battle-Forged
  2. Ragnarok

    Empowered Armor, Armor Patches and Double Down/bonus armor points

    At no time may a character benefit from more than one source of bonus Armor
  3. Ragnarok

    Alliance Rulebook 2.1 Draft 5

    Pin Globes were removed from 2.1
  4. Ragnarok

    Upcoming Market Task

    I have a few leads on an item I have been searching for. It is of a personal nature and not a high priority, but it could lead us to the Whispering wind Peaks which may be convenient in addressing whatever issue those... health enthusiasts... are having. Beyond that I also need to visit Lannek...
  5. Ragnarok

    Discussion of the Upcoming Gathering

    Theoretically we should have unfettered access to theVaults, or at the very least I have full access which means we all do. I haven't checked on the Vaults in several months so it's very possible something may have changed. Either way, we'll know quickly upon entering. -Beryl R.T Magician and...
  6. Ragnarok

    Relic Bearer’s Siphon Clarification

    The formula would be (level X 5) + 5, so 25 points returned in this case We can make this more clear in the final wording in the rule book. Thanks for your question!
  7. Ragnarok

    Gavaria March Event Favorites

    Finally caught up on rest and I can think about favorites. -I <3 Stun Limb at 4th level. Also I am terrible at throwing spells with my left hand. -All things Anna and Steph, you two are a menace. -The speed at which those mashed potatoes arrived was uncanny. -Best Hotpocket I've ever had...
  8. Ragnarok

    Emeritus Magical Services April '23

    Greetings to the adventurers of Evodia. For those of you who may not know me, I am Beryl, a celestial formalist of notable skill. Let me remind you of all the wonderful magical services I provide! I know quite a bit about magic and am well versed in spellcasting, but my specialty is ritual...
  9. Ragnarok

    YAOOTAMESQ* (yet another Oak Of the Archmage, Enhanced Source Question)

    We are aware of current discrepancies in wording. We are working on resolving these with the publication of the 2.1 Alliance Rule Book
  10. Ragnarok

    Discussing Renown in Gavaria

    To my Friends in Atupal, Many of you have been working hard to establish yourselves within Gavaria, and I know some of you are interested in pursuing a path of Renown within the kingdom. Such a journey is full of trials and tribulations, but I am certain there are those among you that wish to...
  11. Ragnarok

    Blackmoon Sentinel Promotions

    Blackmoon Sentinels of Atupal, It's high time some of your see the fruits of your labor rewarded. Many of you have worked hard for the Blackmoon and for that, you aught to be promoted. I'll be dropping by Atupal for lunch on the first day of April. I'll listen to your stories of triumph, view...
  12. Ragnarok

    Workshops and Workplace of Convenience

    The answer of what happens specifically is in Flux. That being said, there will be some kind of compensation for players with these items
  13. Ragnarok

    Gavaria Winter 2023 IBGAs

    All IBGAs responses have been sent out! If you submitted an IBGA and didn't receive a response, let us know as soon as possible!
  14. Ragnarok

    Gavaria Donation Request

    Be sure to send a receipt to our logistics team email and they'll get the gobbies dispensed out!
  15. Ragnarok

    February Rumors 523

    “As part of her movement to unite Gavaria, Queen Pavia bought a bunch of Moridium powder from the Garrett Trading Company. It’s supposedly pretty low-grade stuff, but it’ll be enough for a few quick trips, and I heard common folk can requisition some in order to seek help from afar when they...
  16. Ragnarok

    Queen Pavia's Declaration of 523

    I bring you these words on behalf of her Majesty, Queen Pavia Gavar, Queen of Gavaria, To the People of Gavaria, The early years of a monarch’s rule are often the most trying, and the same holds true for me. I recognize that I am the youngest of Gavaria’s rulers, but I am ready to step into...
  17. Ragnarok

    A Question

    I invite any adventurer of Rathfall to speak here that their opinion may hold sway on what we ask of Forsight. I will seak your opinions here and in places of more private conversation. Foresight, so you may help guide our request, what are the limitations or specializations of your prescience...
  18. Ragnarok

    Lost & Found November 12

    Mug is indeed mine
  19. Ragnarok

    Come One, Come All to Merchant's Row!

    Returning to a more serious note, thank you for your guidance Jonas. I will ensure that no one eats anything they aught not to. There are those amongst us with... experimental appetites. I will not allow their curiosity to pose a threat to the safety of all, you have my word. -Ragnarok
  20. Ragnarok

    Come One, Come All to Merchant's Row!

    Mark me down for a bowl of noodles and some musubi. We'll chat more at the market. -Ragnarok