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  1. Naga

    September event pre-reg

    Registered for September event. Then accidentally hit the donate button before putting a note in, I'd like to reserve Fire room for the September Ashbury event. Thank you!
  2. Naga

    October Ashbury event pre-registration

    Elissa Ward to PC, put in to reserve fire room :)
  3. Naga

    Khlas mn Alma - A Picnic Break

    Ah. How interesting. One who judges without context expecting to be judged fairly. Stand down, whoever you are. Naerduil? Cousin. You are obviously of Barran. A shame you were the first to jump to conclusions, my dear. Zalia is not wrong in her simple demand. The misstep mentioned put innocent...
  4. Naga

    May 2017 Favorites

    Shenanigans all over the place, verrah good. -New monster card binders!! YES! So much organize. So much binder. One step closer to more efficient shenanigans. -Watching the shipment cargo going back and forth and back again around the lake. Best magic fear. -A wyld player appears in NPC City...
  5. Naga

    April 2017 Favorites!

    Hahaha. I hadn't realized at the time I was lying on the ground that I would say yet again, "Where the heck is black forest?"
  6. Naga

    April 2017 Favorites!

    Phew. Ok. In no particular ranking: -The epic win of us being able to get a site on such immensely short notice. The AMAZING turnaround on letting people know, and getting things squared away. -Again, many many thanks to Doomsday peoples for their assistance with the new site. -SEEING THE...
  7. Naga

    Plot Announcement for 2017

    Hello all! I am the new Head of Plot for Alliance Gettysburg. There have been quite a few individuals who have approached me about joining/assisting/writing Plot. I am thrilled! If you are still interested (regardless of if we talked months or days ago) please either contact me directly or send...
  8. Naga

    August Favorites!

    Guildmaster Snek no have packets or stick when exit ritual circle into nightmare party. Poor Snek.
  9. Naga

    All those of Barran

    Greetings. Be calm. You are not alone. Many are hearing the bell toll. Those who would dare. Gates are being brought on line. Key holders stand by to bring you. Or if willing, mistwalkers. Need is great at this time. Risk and reward also great. A bell is calling. Visions are ringing...
  10. Naga

    A petition for combination

    Zimps, Your request has been noted. Please seek me out at the upcoming gather to discuss this potential combination of Guilds. --Collector Azraq
  11. Naga

    Guild Promotions

    To all Guild Members who are currently working on (or would like to formally begin) your Master's Thesis, please seek me out at the upcoming gather. Zimps: I have reviewed your request, and find no issue with it. You are eligible for promotion to Tradesman within the Clothier's guild. Finally...
  12. Naga

    Guild Promotions

    Greetings to all. As per the changes within our system of attendance and advancement, the upcoming gather in Geistbadden will see the formal promotion in rank of Guild Members. Heads of Guilds, please list here your chapter's members who are up for promotion, and what they should be promoted...
  13. Naga

    July Favorites

    The lead up to this event, by itself, made the event awesome. And then there was the fancy event of fanciness itself. -Impromptu event attendance. July was going to be an off month. And then it so, so, SO was not. And it was glorious. -Nashira's first trip through the mist. That was a time...
  14. Naga

    For HQ July - Re: Masquerade Ball

    There's not enough room for cushions in it. *drilling sounds* But there are now, in fact, airholes. I demand cushions upon arrival.
  15. Naga

    July event pre-registration

    Elissa Ward to PC. Also have sent in request to reserve Dragon Cabin for myself and three others (as noted in payment) :)
  16. Naga

    Guild Points Update Penhayir 1008

    If I may, I applaud this direct effort to spread collaboration through the guild houses. If one of your members happens to synergize their efforts between guilds, they should most certainly be rewarded appropriately. If for nothing else, than for the very act of bringing collaboration among...
  17. Naga

    Guild Points Update Penhayir 1008 (June 2015)

    Member……………………… Tal/Apr…... Azt/May…….. Pen/Jun…… Urt/Aug…….. Wel/Sep…….. Kai/Oct…….. Banked Charlais (Apprentice)….....… **/8/0…….... 35/10/26*J…….....0/8/21..…….......................................................………..................…... 21 Azraq...
  18. Naga

    Calling of Apothecary Local 1497 Guild Moot

    I thank you for your congratulations. Though your advice is unnecessary, I thank you for that as well. I have yet to begin the length to which I shall succeed. Good day. --Thaumaturge Azraq
  19. Naga

    June Favorites!

    Ok. This is a two for one and a bit long. Because I never posted from the May event, and there were just rolling highlights throughout this weekend. Even with it being an unavoidably truncated weekend, it was excellent. MAY -Indeed, that is a matriarch red spider. I'ma hang out on the...
  20. Naga

    A voice across Fortannis

    I see no request. I see demand, whelp of a human. Learn de difference of you own tongue. But don' worry. Mebbe we be polite even as you be so buggerin rude. Perhaps ...your "request" will be dignified with no word of unbidden sentiment come the day of your eventual permanent passing, lest we...