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  1. Deadlands of Old

    Overall 2.1 Feedback

    Before diving into the specific of these new rules, I'd like to tackle a few large scale questions. What was the guiding principle behind this rules change? Was the goal to make the system simpler, for example? How often can we anticipate a significant rules overhaul? The concern that's...
  2. Deadlands of Old

    Requested Donations

    Dustin, who should we contact in order to coordinate, and what’s the best way to contact them?
  3. Deadlands of Old

    Green Mist warnings

    Oh the nostalgia! Tears to my eyes. Squire Duorn, I’d like to know more, and to assist, if my aid would be welcome. Sir Heresy Lord of Goshawk Order of the Golden Flame
  4. Deadlands of Old

    Combat Enjoyment since 2.0

    True, that is often the case. In the last 20 years I've been playing this game I've certainly seen a lot of that, but I've also seen a lot of new players stick around and become old timers themselves. I'm still seeing it each season. Heck, I remember running around next to 30th level folks when...
  5. Deadlands of Old

    Combat Enjoyment since 2.0

    It is not easy to run a game in which characters of every level feel valuable, but it has been done. I've seen it many times, and I know others here have seen it too. From what I've seen it requires a consistently high level of energy, creativity, empathy and skill, but it's necessary, because...
  6. Deadlands of Old

    Combat Enjoyment since 2.0

    Agreed with all Muir wrote above. My own experience/observations (tried to summarize responses to 1-5): With the changes in magic items it's definitely more difficult to stay up across the board. I think this is a good thing. At the height of 1.3's access to cloaks, banes and activates we had...
  7. Deadlands of Old

    The Passing of a Hero of Fortannis

    Zehnyu, for every drop of blood you shed for Laerthan, for all you sufferered, for everything you fought for alongside the Hunt. Thank you. Thank you a thousand times over. The hero you were will be remembered. Heresy
  8. Deadlands of Old

    Poll: Lets talk about DoomBlow

    Scout-tastic. Doom is not very useful, probably going to trade it in. A tri-burst function (get to swing Doom carrier three strikes in a row within a three count, up to three targets) would make it fun and useful.
  9. Deadlands of Old

    The End and Current Condition of Caldaria

    Thank you, JP. Thank you to all the Caldaria staff, recent and years past. It was a great ride. Hope to see you all again someday, as players, plot writers or just chilling with a cold one for a job well done. Much appreciated, Gary
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    Thank you, D
  11. Deadlands of Old


    Hey NH staff, Just noticed a mention of the new campaign on the 2019 season schedule post, but I don't see a rundown about it anywhere on the board. Am I blind, or is it just forthcoming? Thanks,
  12. Deadlands of Old

    This rule change is horrible

    Hey Bryan, I appreciate the background information on the directions things have gone since I stepped out of the Owner chair. You guys have done an immense amount of work managing the ever changing directions you’ve received. That’s unfortunate to hear. I’ve brought a number of players to the...
  13. Deadlands of Old

    This rule change is horrible

    Ok, apologies. My intention was to shorthand this message: I like many things about 2.0. The work that has been done to clean up the sloppiest aspects of 1.3 is admriable. Particularly around effects, language, static damage and magic items. I also really appreciate the work that’s been done...
  14. Deadlands of Old

    This rule change is horrible

    I’ve previously given a lot of feedback The rule system of 1.3 is too complicated. The original goal was to fix that problem. The rules system of 2.0 is equally if not more complex and robust. There are things I like about 2.0, the magic item fixes for example, and at the same time I feel...
  15. Deadlands of Old

    This rule change is horrible

    The original approved purpose for the rules change was to streamline the rules, make them simpler and easier to learn. I was worried when we signed off on the ARC developing a significant overhaul of the rules that they would lose sight of the original scope. Looking forward to 3.0.
  16. Deadlands of Old

    May 4-6 Check-In and Players List

    Paid and pre-logisted. See you in May!
  17. Deadlands of Old

    [.10] Design Philosophy for Class Function and Balance

    Couldn’t disagree more. If OOG skills do not matter then this is a live action video game.
  18. Deadlands of Old

    2.0 - A power gamer's dream come true?

    We've been mulling over what the biggest concerns seem to be regarding the new rules. We can argue about which classes/races get impacted for the better or worse. Though I personally think these matters are clear, some owners and ARC members have come here and made claims contrary to the...
  19. Deadlands of Old

    v0.10 - Poll - Perception of combat resolution

    Lol...That’s good. I was worried about being under powered.
  20. Deadlands of Old

    v0.10 - Poll - Perception of combat resolution

    Significantly more for both. Probably a 16 block C caster with 11’s for wand damage and at least 4 meditates per day. More cloaks than I’ll need, because why not?