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  1. RavenSis

    Please help friends in need

    We're sending things up with Brian: Adult sizes clothes which should fit the older kids Children's Size 8 clothes and coats Two kid sized blankets Some pans and spices Travel sized soaps (five liquid soaps which can get used for hand soap or body soap). Two bar soaps, too. Edited to add...
  2. RavenSis

    Larp Question Tuesday: Six Minutes Later....

    Alyssa and Pardano, squaring off in a 3' diameter CoP. I should probably have balked and freaked out in fear, but instead, I laid everything I had into his evil butt. He still killed me, and I circle rezzed while The Hunt fought two Shadow Dragons to try to save me... but man... I came so close...
  3. RavenSis

    LARP QUESTION TUESDAY: Favorite Villain

    I have a few: - Pardano (from Caldaria's Shadow plotlines). Man, did I hate that guy. He hit so many of Alyssa's buttons, and Karl played him perfectly. He was constant motivation to get things set right, and got that terrified little elf to make something more of herself. - Sandman (from...
  4. RavenSis

    LARP Question Tuesday: Between a rock and a hard place

    Alyssa's toughest decision is one that would have been so permanently life-altering that she forced herself to forget it via an Amnesia Elixir.
  5. RavenSis

    Larp Question Tuesday: Favorite Spooky Event

    My very first Hallowe'en event: The Asylum, written by Eric Gibson back in '00 Syraandor (old NH) Honestly, the psychology of the whole event was terrifying. The Sandman knew what made you tick, and Eric used his Social Worker training for delightful evil. It absolutely broke my first PC, and...
  6. RavenSis


    Hi, my name is Kate. I'm from all over New England, though mostly an eastern Mass kind-of gal. I've been playing for 15 1/2 years. I started in NH (then Syraandor). I've played in Syraandor/Deadlands, been staff in Caldaria (twice), been staff for Crossroads, played in Ashbury and Moria. I'm...
  7. RavenSis

    Larp Question Tuesday: Immersion

    Honestly, my most immersive moments are usually private ones: - Hunt-stalking an OOG deer with IG archery stuff with Scarn - Alyssa and Tetsu together out in the woods, Alyssa being super upset and angry and Tetsu being there to hold onto her wrath and sadness - Alyssa and Irina holding hands...
  8. RavenSis

    September 11-13 Event Pre-Registration

    I am pre-logged. I had pre-paid for an event in the spring that I was unable to attend due to medical issues - can that event cost be rolled over to pay for the Sept event? Thanks, ~Kate
  9. RavenSis

    July Favorites?

    Lemme hear 'em!
  10. RavenSis

    A voice across Fortannis

    Sooooo.... You butted in to tell we mourners to exclude you from lamenting the loss of a great hero? You understand that you were the one who inserted yourself into this, yes? I have two-year-olds with better manners. I assure you, we could bother you with far, far more distressing...
  11. RavenSis

    May 22-24 Event Registration

    (Paypal button on the bottom of the Pre-Registration page is still broken)
  12. RavenSis

    August Event Pre-Registration

    I did it! This'll be my first time PCing a full weekend since 5/13 Time to kick off some rust.
  13. RavenSis

    Pre-registration for May

    +1 more tea-drinking elf. Post-partum Alyssa Darksnow will be in the house...
  14. RavenSis

    The 16% Question

    There are so many better, non-intrusive ways to get a good ratio. Two options which quickly come to mind: You must NPC one event in order to get three PC event credits (i.e. you have to earn the ability to PC by NPCing), a strict ratio of PC to NPC (like at Crossroads). Even when it comes to...
  15. RavenSis

    Looking for Endure Elements Ritual scroll

    Heresy, Message pinned to the stupid tree for you. ~Alyssa
  16. RavenSis

    Favorites From the Sept Event

    In my mind, I keep going back to that last wave battle: there were so many amazing RP moments between the shards and the PCs, the shards and each other. It was so satisfying to see the culmination of one of the most fun plotlines to run. :)
  17. RavenSis

    Knock Knock... Who's there?

    Have you been enjoying your topiary garden of children? I've even been quite generous, leaving some extras there on the days when I have no rhymes to listen to, no songs to sing. I'm bored, bored, bored. The best laid plans take SO MUCH TIME... Lamari - have you perfected the art of speeding up...
  18. RavenSis

    Gorka and Blue froggy babies in a tummy

    Nauseas or having a golem punch you in the stomach seemed to work just fine. Cure Disease also worked (once the eggs were big) ~Oxana Grodzky Hobling of Tel Al'anor
  19. RavenSis

    Looking for Woad

    I don't care about her power... just the name! Unless siphoning her spirit would give me MORE power. Hrm... Thanks for the idea. ~Atrox