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    Finale Favorites

    Alex favorites because he can't post. Eurig's Top Ten! (technical difficulties) 1. Not Being a page 2. Bow measuring contest with Captain Ace (I would totally win.) 3. Messing with people that were hallucinating, especially Justyne. 4. Keegan - "So how do feel about Mari" Eurig - "She's a...
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    Finale Favorites

    Game: 1. Finally killing Zevin. Not only for retribution of myself and my family, but also for my team the first time we fought him. 2. Seeing the kraken and thinking "yep were all fucked" 3. Getting to know Aliyah a little more and cooking with her. 4. Not twisting my ankle for the first time...
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    Stormbreak may Event

    I'm forgetting, which tavern rooms fit more than 5?
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    Season 2 closer favorites!

    IronClaw/Sebastian’s top 10 1. Getting enough gold to afford a necklace for Etta, he’s liked her a while now but is relieved she didn’t turn down the necklace 2. Going to the place that was once my home... aka the place I was enslaved and forced to kill other kin 3. Getting some memories...
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    *IronClaws Top 10* no specific order 1. Getting to meet people I haven’t already meet. It was amazing to finally meet the BlackTusks, Tibialis, Oxalis, and many others of course! 2. The earth circle party... even though we died we had fun dying together xD 3. Having a HUGE burden lift from my...
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    Hey guys! I figured I’d start a favorite thread for everyone to post their favorite aspects about this weekends game!
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    Pre-reg for June 29 event

    There was 5 people in my comment. Alanna, Dalton, Glori, her friend(unknown name), and myself.
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    Pre-reg for June 29 event

    Alanna: PC Etta Hunter: PC Ironclaw Dalton PC: Syrus Can we reserve Gargoyle? If not Pegasus would also be amazing Note we’ll be having Glori and One of her friends with us (5 people) and are more than willing to have anyone else stay with us
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    Kin Meeting convo with Martex

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    June event pre-registration

    Alanna Robertson Webb Hunter LaCross to npc