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  1. Ithra

    Pre-Reg for the September 2014 Event

    how do NPC's prereg? do i just mention i'm coming in this thread or somewhere else? and what about signing up for meal plan?
  2. Ithra

    Pre-Reg for the May 2-4, 2014 Event

    Evan Shaw will be NPCing and on the food plan
  3. Ithra

    Season End, Favorite Moments

    I seem to be good at making these really long posts that alot of people will skip :P anyway 2) Being the Head of the Dracolich While through playing The Berserker i proved to myself my ability to RP. i think this was the defining moment that showed i can handle combat. sure i'm not much for...
  4. Ithra

    Season End, Favorite Moments

    This Event was my personal best. an amazing and climactic moment in my career as an NPC. i really feel like i've grown alot since my first event about a year and a half ago, hardly knowing a thing about Larping. My highlights really come down to 2 things that let me prove to myself of what i...
  5. Ithra

    Looking for a ride from portland area.

    oh yeah sorry i figured another ride out, i ment to tell you sooner but things have been crazy busy lately so i forgot. but thanks for the offer :D
  6. Ithra

    Looking for a ride from portland area.

    That would work. but if i can get someone who can stay after that would be great. because i like to stay as long as needed to help with closing. but if i can't find anyone else i'll totally take you up on that offer.
  7. Ithra

    Looking for a ride from portland area.

    Hey its Evan. i plan on coming to the march event to NPC but since my brother is the middle of a theater production i can't ride with him to the event. i live in newberg so if anyone would be passing through there when going to and coming from the event let me know.
  8. Ithra

    March Event NPC Role Call

    If i can get a ride i'll be there.
  9. Ithra

    NPCs on Feb 11th Gameday

    Okay thanks Joe, i very much appreciate it.
  10. Ithra

    NPCs on Feb 11th Gameday

    From newberg Oregon.
  11. Ithra

    NPCs on Feb 11th Gameday

    Thomas can't make it. but as i told Joe if i can get a ride out there i can
  12. Ithra

    NPC food plan!

    i'll also be in on the food plan!
  13. Ithra

    Eviction Notice details thread

    unless something comes up i should also be able to make it as an NPC
  14. Ithra

    June lost and found

    and now that i think about it the other hoody might be mine, i know i brought one that was already pretty dirty.
  15. Ithra

    June Event NPC RollCall

    i have a martial arts test to earn my purple belt on saturday so i'm guessing i should be there around 11:30. oh and my dad is coming with me and will be taking pictures during the event and i'm guessing he'll be taking part in the NPC meal. but i don't think he will do any actually NPCing. oh...
  16. Ithra

    fighter practice or game day?

    so how does a fighter practice work? do we just run through how combat works and don't do any roleplay? and do we do anything with spells and stuff or is it just wacking people with sticks?
  17. Ithra

    new player

    and i believe i know of the ones your talking about, i bought 2 for my younger cousin for a birthday once, they started to shred pretty quickly comparred to the stuff i use for larping and also they are very much not in era. i doubt they will pass. you should put some real thought, time, and...
  18. Ithra

    fighter practice or game day?

    that would be good, we have a few people who want to try it but are currently only willing to try a game day, so if we can get them hooked then, we can bring them to the weekend event!
  19. Ithra

    Biata feathers

    does anyone have any pictures of a claw? i would love to see how they look IG. is there anything i could use besides real feathers that would still look like feathers? because i live in oregon so they would be getting wet often, but i don't want to just paint them on, i think what i'd like to...
  20. Ithra


    while some would go with a full body suit a much cooler and easyer option is to have long pants and a long sleeve shirt. (in period of course) then you would just have to do a tail, ears, maybe a nose if you want too, and makeup for the face and hands. thats what i'm doing except i'm going to...