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  1. Vox

    Quick reminder about logistics!

    Please have all of your pre-logistics for August 28th in by no later than tomorrow, Sunday August 23, at 11:59PM. Thanks! Alex
  2. Vox

    Event Statistics! 7/24/15

    Race Breakdown: Barbarian: 5 Biata: 8 Dark Elf: 1 Dryad: 5 Dwarf: 4 Elf: 14 Gypsy: 3 High Ogre: 2 Hobling: 4 Human: 13 Mystic Wood Elf: 7 Sarr: 2 Stone Elf: 1 Wylderkin: 2 -------------------- Class Breakdown: Adept: 4 Artisan: 2 Fighter: 21 Rogue: 8 Scholar: 24 Scout: 1 Templar: 11 Holy...
  3. Vox

    Alliance HQ Pre-Logistics FORM!!!!

    Thanks to the help of the wonderful Meghan Kinkaid, I have been able to put this together. Let me know your thoughts and if you have any suggestions for improvements to the form, let me know! Alex
  4. Vox

    April 2015 Event Breakdown & Statistics!

    Race Breakdown: Barbarian: 4 Biata: 2 Dryad: 3 Dwarf: 4 Elf: 14 Gypsy: 2 High Ogre: 1 Hobling: 2 Human: 7 Mystic Wood Elf: 8 Sarr: 2 Wylderkin: 4 Class Breakdown: Adept: 1 Fighter: 15 Rogue: 2 Scholar: 24 Scout: 2 Templar: 9 Total Players: 53 Do people like these? Do you want me to continue...
  5. Vox


    Hello, wonderful people. I just wanted to give everyone a friendly poke and reminder! Get your logistics in! The deadline is typically the Sunday before the event, but I am feeling generous (and really want to get into game before 1am this time). Please get me your information and we will have...
  6. Vox

    Logistics Survey. Don't worry it's only 3 questions!

    Hey there, It's the beginning of the year, I'm starting my tenure as the Logistics head, and as such I want to make improvements so that this entire scary process is easier for everyone involved. I created this quick survey to try and get some answers from you, our players. I can imagine all...
  7. Vox

    Eagerly looking to NPC

    Hey there, I can't seem to find any info on your upcoming events for the rest of the year. When/where are they? Thanks! Alex/Vox
  8. Vox

    A trade

    Hello, brethren and friends, The apothecary brotherhood seeks a trade. I have, in my posession, a large number of synergy substances for metalsmithing. I seek Alchemical substances in return. Message me for more information about my stocks and we can discuss a mutually beneficial agreement. Vox
  9. Vox

    Sept 19-21 Event Credit

    The Guild Points awarded are as follows: Vox: Guild Service Hours: 5pts Assisting the Guild Master: 2pts Discovery of Masterwork Laboratory Equipment: 1pt Guild Tithe (2g): 4pts Guild Mission: 2pts Guild Maintenance between gathers: 5pts Total: 19pts Promotion Available: Grub: Donation (5c...
  10. Vox

    Apothecary Brotherhood Contract

    *A series of humanoids cloaked in black robes with orange hems post contracts in the taverns* The Apothecary Brotherhood seeks cause damage elixirs. You will be paid 8 coppers per elixir. Contractor: unknown Deposit: None
  11. Vox

    The Golemancer's Journal

    It has come to my attention that someone has acquired the journal of the golemancer wanted for treason. Inside that journal is a number of notes pertaining to the construction of an alchemy golem. It troubles me that so soon after Raven and I were successful in our research that someone was able...
  12. Vox

    Apothecary Brotherhood prospectives

    (( OOG: A number of humanoids clothed in orange and black robes with thick orange gloves on their hands nail these notices next to the official Guild schedule )) For any and all who wish to join the Apothecary Brotherhood, please see Journeyman Vox immediately following the Guild Master's...
  13. Vox

    Request for an education

    Greetings, It is my desire to learn the 5th circle of celestial magic. I would ask that one of you be available to teach me come the next gather. I am willing to pay you for the service. Thank you, Vox
  14. Vox

    August 22, 23, 24

    The guild points are as follows: Vox: Guild time served: 5pts Discovery of rare recipe: 5pts Teaching of rare recipe: 3pts Status as Master Alchemist and submitting fee of 1 silver: 4pts Kaftar: Status as Journeyman Alchemist and submitting fee of 5 copper: 2pts Selling Alchemy in the name...
  15. Vox

    May 9, 10, 11 Guild Points

    You will have to excuse the tardiness of this update. I spent the summer months engrossed in Icenian politics. It makes it difficult to spread my attentions to more important matters. Vox: Guild Service: 10 Hours over the course of the weekend: 10 points Guild Service prior to the...
  16. Vox

    Thrown Weapon

    Hey there everyone, Before I make a catastrophic mistake, could I get any weapons martial to vet these for use as a thrown weapon. I will obviously treat them to make them look better, but as a 'core', what do you think...
  17. Vox


    Greetings, all, I know the hour is late and to advertise at this point is to reach out to the stragglers on their way to town, but I still wish to offer my services to any who would want them. Baked goods not available from the Misfits, Monster Blood, Crimson Bull Power Elixir, and Siren's Call...
  18. Vox

    Looking for assistance.

    Greetings, I know I am not on everyone's favorite persons list, but I request aid for the upcoming gather. As some of you know, I am recently come into a Golem made purely out of alchemy. Like some regular Celestial Golems, I am healed by flame. Raven will not be able to attend the next gather...
  19. Vox

    WTB Max Length, Featherweight, One-handed Blunt

    Looking to get something for the next game. Normally I wouldn't be all martial, but looks like we're going to need some undead smashing. Thanks! Alex
  20. Vox


    I am currently looking to purchase a large number of arrow fletchings. I have found myself overwhelmed in my preparations for the upcoming tournament and will not be able to make the journey to my regular fletcher. I am willing to give a copper per fletching, or 11 silver per hundred. Contact me...