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  1. Emma B

    new tags duration

    So I have a tangential question to this. MN tracks their MIs by physically punching little holes in the tags for every logistics period they're used but Chicago tracks the MIs in the CMA. How do these two systems interact? Are the MN travelers expected to punch their tags themselves for Chi...
  2. Emma B

    November 1-3 Favorites!

    I had a really really fun weekend!! And instead of napping on the car ride home I assembled a favorites list!! -Gator shaman wrestling (wrastles) the totem alligator. I am so glad you didn't fall off the propane tank Alexander. It looked a little dicey for a minute. -Drinking bracers. Nuff...
  3. Emma B

    Packets for Sale

    Can I get 200 blue and 100 orange for pickup at the next game please? I can pay you at pickup.
  4. Emma B

    September Favorites

    Point of order.... I was shackled at the time so there was no swiping, it was headbutting. Emma (Agate)
  5. Emma B

    Workplace of Convenience

    I have a very simple question: if I have an alchemy workplace of convenience that does not have the property that allows more than one person use it and I don't use it during a logistics period, can I allow another alchemist to use my workplace of convenience instead? Thank you!
  6. Emma B

    Silvered Weapons roll call!

    I have a silver great sword which apparently has elemental blades now? Or is that on the regular greatsword? Either way I've been hitting stuff wrong, but I know I'm covered on the silver bits!! ‐Agate
  7. Emma B


    Hey man, either logistics missed the note in my Agate pre reg saying "I'm playing Agate this event, please ignore my Ainsley pre reg information" or theres a Second Emma B out there that just happened to come to Alliance MN and this is her first game and she's playing a character named Ainsley...
  8. Emma B


    Shoot, I can't remember if I included it in my pre reg but I plan on tenting for the weekend. ‐ Emma
  9. Emma B

    August Crafting Services - Traps and Alchemy

    I have yet to receive an order for Alchemy so you're in luck sir!! 20 cures will cost 2gp ‐ Ainsley
  10. Emma B

    August Crafting Services - Traps and Alchemy

    Greetings adventurers!! Another market day is upon us and as always I, Ainsley "Bulging Biceps" Preston am offering my services as a trapsmith and alchemist! I am (finally) a Journeyman in both disciplines which is incredibly exciting for me. Please feel free to respond to this dream or reach...
  11. Emma B

    July Alchemy and Trap Crafting Services

    Greetings adventurers!! Another market day is upon us and as always I, Ainsley "Trap Guru" Preston am offering my services as a trapsmith and alchemist! I recently gained a little more experience in both disciplines but still have to attained the rank of Journeyman in either (Jack of most...
  12. Emma B

    July Game Food Allergies!

  13. Emma B

    June Crafting Services

    Party blondes are my favorite kind of blondes. Thank you for the potential new business, unknown sir. I will keep an eye out for them. -Ainsley
  14. Emma B

    June Crafting Services

    My metaphorical dance card is still empty right now. I do have a small supply of the smallest cure Wounds elixirs available for sale. The weather shamans are predicting some wet and stormy weather for us this weekend. If you need help keeping dry I have selection of water resistant cloaks and...
  15. Emma B

    May Favorites

    I remembered to write down my favorites during the car ride this time!! In the order I recorded them: Luke's Sunday night NPC with the purple shirt getting intimidated by Garwon and Agate after getting caught (unsuccessfully) hitting on Vanya Everything about the Anret shamans during Sunday...
  16. Emma B

    June Crafting Services

    Cass already posted about her blacksmithing services and I thought maybe we should have one dream thread where all who wish to offer their services could do so. Hi, I'm Ainsley I'm a trap maker, and alchemist. Not quite a journeyman in either skill just yet though. I also am also reasonably...
  17. Emma B

    Wards on Offer

    Add me to the list please Kallith! - Ainsley
  18. Emma B

    Components from the May gathering

    I really really REALLY like money, and at the moment I have a much greater need for shinies than I do for magic. -Ainsley
  19. Emma B

    Hammock city

    Does anyone know if that is the area where we'll be allowed to set up tents?
  20. Emma B

    Lost in the Mist

    Bruisey was very green last time I saw him in Wayside but he's still the same old bruisey we know and love Bruisey don't get too lost or I'll be really mad I don't want to have to come and get you out of some monsters stomach cause that sounds scary and gross -Agate