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    Change to Legerdemain Regarding Lock Picking

    While it is not technically illegal to carry lock picks in the State of California, the law has the caveat that it is illegal if you have them in your possession and have felonious intent. With a little research, we’ve found some places take a hard line with it. In Santa Clara County possession...
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    Activating Magic Items

    What conditions must be fulfilled in order to activate a magic item held by another person? Examples: Jill has been killed and Jack wants to use Jill's activatable life item (a stone in her pouch) to save her. Should Jack: a. Search Jill, pull the item out of the pouch, and activate it...
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    Fragments of the nightmare

    Betrayal. Blood. Pain. Anger. Hunger. The beast, unleashed from a prison that held it for far too long, rends the flesh of friend and foe alike. Bathed in the terror and desperation of the fallen, it feasts on blood and flesh, gristle and bone. Love. Friendship. Honor. Duty. These...