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  1. Stana

    Removal of teacher skill

    An alternate take: It’s about people, particularly those new to the community, being pushed to interact with others because the system required it to. You are clearly unaware of the detriments of this, and that’s okay.
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    Need a Celestial Ritual Caster for Big West?

    From the FAQ (
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    Empowered Strike is Useless

    Yeah, I meant to post that last night when I noticed it but work ran real late. If you can throw it up there that'd be awesome!
  4. Stana

    Empowered Strike is Useless

    Powerful Meditation This High Magic may be expended to Meditate a single Battle Magic spell (of either aspect) or Martial or Stealth skill which was negated by a defense. The character must complete a normal Meditation session as if the ability had missed without resolving.
  5. Stana

    Empowered Strike is Useless

    You'd also need 600 martial build to be able to purchase 30 Empowered Strike, making spellstriking your entire column and not needing packets a little unrealistic (without a heavy Battlemage's Strike investment or planning on self-casting most spells)
  6. Stana

    Empowered Strike is Useless

    Signature spells are not defined explicitly in the rulebook, except for the entry under evocation bolt: It is not referenced in either the Cure or Cause wounds entries. It IS defined in the player guide, though, on page 73:
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    Big West 2019 Donation Drive and Fundraiser

    The address is in the initial post:
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    Magic Item Conversion Question - Enchant of Non-Existent Spell

    To answer OP's question, I would convert that at 8x Enchant @Ritual Level 7, resulting in 1800 Ritual Points.
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    Magic Item Conversion Question - Enchant of Non-Existent Spell

    If it is ambiguous to how the item was created (such as with most TP generated items), I always convert in the player's favor. The difference is pretty small in the long run, and if they end up with an extra effect or two I consider it a perk for having to go through the (to some) non-intuitive...
  10. Stana

    May 10-12 Pre-Registration (2.0 Prerelease)

    Any Restricted/LCO Seattle scrolls that have been converted will be picked up at checkin, with the exception of any Mist-Touched scrolls (these are waiting on a National team to print out). These will come by the next game (And if you need them before then let us know! Unexpected delays :( )
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    April '19 Favorites!

    Brent, Luke, and Kweenie provided me with the most epic RP scene I've been in as a PC in the last decade surrounding my race change. Thank you all.
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    Why is Eternal Resolution an Armor-only ritual?

    I see your point, but Eternal Resolution seems like an exception. All the other armor-only rituals are things that directly effect armor. If it was more uniform, Empower Warrior should be weapon-only, Counterspell and Magic Evocation should be spellbook-only, and so on. Having more -type...
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    April 19th Conversion Day

    As a Seattle staff member, I support this. I think we found one or two corrections that needed to get made following our conversion day last weekend, I'll double check to see if they got implemented into that link.
  14. Stana

    Why is Eternal Resolution an Armor-only ritual?

    It doesn't seem to fit the theme... resolution feels like an "I don't need to wear armor" style skill, and it's racial counterpart Focused Resistance doesn't have a similar requirement of target types. Feels really out of place, is all I'm saying.
  15. Stana

    Bane vs. Weapon strike sleep

    It's a valid monster ability, even if PC's don't have access to it. Raging Strike ritual only works with attacks with numbers, so couldn't be combined with it.
  16. Stana

    High Magic and Quicken Meditation Interactions

    Sure can! The rules are pretty distinct and use the word "Meditate" when they mean it. There are periods of Focus (such as activating a spell swap) that distinctly don't use the word meditate, thus Quicken Meditation rituals and the Enhanced Meditate skill won't work in conjunction.
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    CMA - Parry cost for Scholars incorrect

    Sorry if there is a better place for CMA errors! Just noticed the Parry cost for Scholars was listed as 7 instead of 8.
  18. Stana

    Item Conversion Questions

    Sorry! My last response was meant theoretically, since it had been cleared up, but reading back I wasn't very clear.
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    5 years:
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    Item Conversion Questions

    I'd rather have a theoretical 5 point AA hit me and not use my armor for the rest of the game than get obliterated. Plus, you could always refuse it or find a Destroy Magic. Not being able to use armor until fixed is way less character destroying than transforms, DMing your items, shatter...