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    To all called "Gypsy" or "Barbarian"

    Brothers, Sisters, Cousins: I write you with heavy heart, and a fear for our people. Yes, I, an Oorlog Kampioen, feel and speak to fear. You must accept this for a truth from one proven no coward by many a scar, and hear my words with solemn ears. I write not just to the Wylde Beschermonz...
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    A call into the mists

    Gaje of Kosmara, with whom we have oft enjoyed the Carnival and traded tales and wares to mutual benefit; and those Mist-travellers we hear of in fireside tales these past two years: It does not go unnoticed among Peshigar and Romani’s descendants that a concern involving more than just our...
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    Crossroads 2012 Winter Write-Ups

    Hello Crossroads and other folks reading the forums! I am excited to share with you the shenanigans your friendly plot team has been cooking up the past while, in the form of a MASS WINTER WRITE-UP. What does this mean, you ask? Well, shucks, let me tell ya all about it. Basically it's this...
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    2012 Memberships

    Hello Crossroads! I hope that those of you I haven't seen recently are healthy, enjoying 2012 thus far, and getting ready to gear up for an awesome year of interactive theatre! This is a friendly reminder of one of our policies that affects every player. All Crossroads memberships expired on...
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    2012 Kids' Event - July 21 & 22

    Check out the links below for more information - registration will be available for all events shortly! Kids' Events Overview: Rules Overview...
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    Um, hey Kupspar, what's up?

    Not to be nosy or anything, but I couldn't help noticing a lot of you folks dreaming last night. Loudly. And not very nice dreams, either. Everything okay? Or should I maybe stay away from town for a bit? Sarah, just your friendly local farmer
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    Gathering needed supplies

    To any interested and willing people of Kupspar, Giovanna and I will be spending much of our time between now and the next gather collecting the items we need to work on producing medicines to fight back the creeping. The more hands we get, the more supplies we can collect and people we can...
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    Extending assistance to the town

    Adventurers! I would to have your attention please. I know you are here to do good and I know you are misunderstood. I am concerned for your lives and those of the people of Kupspar. I offer you today an opportunity to continue to heal the rift between the common folk and yourselves. The...
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    Dem der' rats

    Hey der People! Kilgore still need more Ore! Only one big problem doe, too many rats! I can't hardly walk around wif out running into dem. So I am going to do some ting 'bout it. Imma asking anyone who wanna help me to kill dem rats you come wif me and we put a big hurtin' on dem. So who...
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    May Favorites

    I don't usually start this... but I want to get to it early while things are fresh. Some of my favs: Our Crew. Period. You guys make it all happen. Martine the poodle New players - wow. I wasn't remotely as good as you guys when I started Conquering 1001 technical issues with an amazing...
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    Oh dear, I hope this works....

    Hello? Can you hear me through this magic field or whatever it is? I've heard that a number of adventurers are returning to Kupspar in force, and that there are plans to help the people there. I've been locked out by the magic field this WHOLE winter, since my circle was destroyed! Some of...
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    Help Requested - Alliance Family Member in Need

    Hello Alliance! I'm writing you today with my Crossroads GM cap firmly in place rather than as a representative from National. Today I'm approaching you to ask for your help, as the Crossroads Chapter formally establishes a relief fund to help the family of an Alliance player unexpectedly hit...
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    Crossroads Opener: Donations Wish list

    Hiya gang! Updated with the list of food items to keep a great tavern rolling - this is one of our biggest expenses each weekend, and we HUGELY appreciate any help with these items! If you would like to sign up to bring something on this list (meaning you are sure you'll be at the event and...
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    Thank you, Alliance Volunteers!

    Hello Alliance Friends and Family! With the release of our final "big announcement" from the Symposium last summer, I am very happy to begin this thread today in order to bring something else of importance to the forefront of our organization: the volunteers that have donated their time and...
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    2012: Event Schedule

    Please find below our event schedule for 2012. In order to avoid conflicting with other chapters we changed our schedule from what was previously announced - thanks for your understanding and flexibility! June 22-24 July 21-22 SPECIAL: Kids' Event and Faire Day! This special event will...
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    2011: July Kids Event and Faire Day

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    2012: New Player Referral Program

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    Board Moderators Wanted

    Hello Alliance! We have updates coming to our forums soon, and are looking for a few good LARPers to help us as anonymous Board Moderators! Moderators will be involved with a team, and will be responsible for maintaining a cordial and professional forum environment that follows all the rules...
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    Season One Wrap-Up Party

    Heyyyyy guys!! We promised it was coming.. and now here's your info. The Season One Wrap-Up Party is now posted on Facebook.. and ALL you crazy cats are invited! Crossroads rules apply... particularly #3. Hope we'll see you there!
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    Alliance Crossroads 2012 Level Cap

    Hello everyone! The votes were tallied at the end of our last event, and a 2012 cap was announced at that time. At this point, however, we are making a shift to that cap, as we realized the voting was not aligned with our original intention. When we began Crossroads with a level cap, our...